Weight Loss Programs

More than a third of all adults living in the U.S. suffer from chronic health problems stemming from obesity. Yet it seems harder than ever to lose weight.

Weight Loss Programs

Taking into account your personal goals, body type and metabolism, we will craft the ideal program to help you get rid of fat and tone your body. We offer medical appetite suppressants, as well as diet/exercise recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

Why Patients Choose NovaGenix for Weight Los

Losing weight can be tough, which means that diet and exercise may not be enough. The NovaGenix Protocol may be just the help you need to kick-start your body into weight loss mode and help burn those hard-to-lose pounds.

Our treatment program enables the body to burn fat cells instead of muscle. This lets patients keep lean muscle without depriving other normal functioning cells from getting much-needed nutrition.

What to Expect from the NovaGenix Weight Loss Program

Fad diets and exericse programs can be frustrating. Despite the time, money, and effort they ask from you, they’re rarely effective. This is why you need a more serious alternative designed to help you lose weight safely and effectively.

The Phentermine diet pill stimulates the hypothalamus gland and affects certain neurotransmitters to decrease appetite. When used short term to help stimulate weight loss, this pill can be a useful tool to get patients started on the right path to losing weight.

Our medically assisted weight-loss programs help you change specific behaviors, such as exercise and diet. We focus on long-term success by combining nutritional guidance and education with weight loss medications.

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You’ve found it! For years, we’ve proudly helped people look, live, and feel better. Our weight loss program is just part of a suite of services designed to ensure our patients can take advantage of the benefits cutting edge science has to offer.

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