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​Hormone Therapy in Palm Beach

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Hormone Therapy in Palm Beach

"NovaGenix staff are amazing. They helped me make really good decisions about how to move forward with my treatment plans and the results speak for themselves. I feel incredible and my wife has certainly noticed the difference!"  

- A.S. Jupiter, Florida


 New patients can receive a complementary consult with our head physician to establish a personalized care plan.

We typically have same-day appointment availability.  Call +1.561.277.8260 for scheduling.

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We help get you testosterone levels back to their natural levels through bio-identical hormone replacement.


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Hormone Therapy

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We Are Palm Beach County's Premiere Hormone Therapy and Vitality Clinic.

NO PRESCRIPTIONS WILL BE PROVIDED TO ANY PATIENT UNLESS A LEGITIMATE CLINICAL/MEDICAL NEED EXISTS BASED ON REQUIRED LAB WORK/RESULTS, AN IN-PERSON PHYSICIAN CONSULTATIONS, PHYSICAL EXAMINATION AND CURRENT PATIENT MEDICAL HISTORY. PLEASE NOTE, A PATIENT WHO AGREES TO AND GETS  LAB WORK AND A PHYSICAL EXAM DOES'NT GUARANTEE A FINDING OF A CLINICAL NECESSITY AND A WRITTEN PRESCRIPTION OR MEDICATION No claims or opinions on the NovaGenix LLC web-site is intended to be nor should it be construed to be, medical advice. Only a physician can/should provide medical advice. Please schedule a consultation with a medical professional before beginning any therapy or BHRT program. NovaGenix and it's Health Care Providers Will not be held liable for any patient who follows their own plan of action unsupervised by an actual physician consultation by a NovaGenix Healthcare provider.

Privacy Policy: NovaGenix realizes that patients are concerned about the information they provide online and how it will be used. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will use any information collected  to process  and provide a more personalized experience. NovaGenix will not rent, sell or exchange a patients name, identity or any other personally-identifiable information to third-party companies for their marketing purposes. NovaGenix abides by  all HIPAA laws.

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Ask yourself these questions to see if you may suffer from low Testosterone. ​​NovaGenix Hormone Therapy can help.

 1. Do you have a decrease in sex drive?
 2. Do you have a lack of energy during the day?
 3. Do you have decreased strength and/or endurance?
 4. Have you noticed a decrease in your enjoyment of life?
 5. Is there sagging or wrinkles on your face?
 6. Have you lost muscle definition and tone?
 7. Is there excess fat on your stomach and chest?
 8. Are you lacking in self-confidence?
 9. Do you wish you had more sexual stamina?
10. Have you experienced hot flashes or sweating over the past year?
11. Do you have difficulty achieving and maintaining erections?
12. Do you have a lower semen volume? 

13. Do you have mood swings?
14. Do you wish you were happier?

​15.Do you want to learn about hormone therapy for prostate cancer?

If you answered yes to any on these questions, you may be like many  other men who are also suffering from low testosterone. Don't worry,  you are not alone. We can help. Call us or email us today!  Hormone therapy in Jupiter and Erectile dysfunction therapy for Low T and Prostate Cancer can be easily treated in our clinic.

Comprehensive blood work to track progress twice annually. 24hr on-call help with trained medical staff. Consultations with a board certified internal medicine specialist twice annually who's available for consults all year. MD prescribed medication delivered to your doo! No hassle! No shipping or hidden costs to patients. 

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Signs of Low Testosterone can begin early in life. Know what to look for. Many men ask, how do I know what symptoms of low testosterone are. How can I boost my testosterone levels. At NovaGenix, we can help you increase your T levels to live a better life.

Low Testosterone because of Andropause is both a treatable and reversible health condition for men. Don’t let Low T lower your self-esteem, professional life or your love life and romantic interests. You don't have to suffer, Male Hormone Therapy will help improve the quality of life you live. If you’re one of the millions of men who may be experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, get tested and start treatment today.

The physicians at NovaGenix HormoneTherapy are board certified and trained in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Our doctors are experts in the field of hormone replacement therapy and low testosterone treatments. If you think that you may be suffering from low testosterone, call NovaGenix at 561-277-8260 and schedule an appointment to have our clinical team discuss treatment options. Rejuvenate yourself and your health with novagenix. Our staff will help to analyze whether low T therapy is right for you. .

Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been proven to restore your sex drive and desire, You can expect to lose weight, increase energy, build lean muscle, burn fat, lose your love handles and get rid of belly fat, improve mental alertness, increase strength and stamina.
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 You can....

Lower/Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Enhance Your Immune System

Increase Muscle Strength

Increase Lean Muscle Mass

Reduce Body Fat

Lose Weight

Improve Cardio Health

Improve Sexual Performance

Increase the Frequency of Erections

Achieve and Maintain Erections

Increase the Size of Erections

Increase Lean Muscle Mass

Lower Blood Pressure

Remove Wrinkles & Cellulite

Improve Memory

Improve Mood

Speed Up Your Metabolism

Insulin Balance

Better Sleep at Night

Reduce Hot Flashes

Improve the Quality of Life

Improve Hair & Nail Texture​


HGH and Testosterone Therapy Treatment Clinics in Palm Beach - Palm Beach Gardens - Riviera Beach - Juno Beach - West Palm Beach - Green Acres - Wellington - Century Village - Royal Palm Beach - Lake Worth - Westgate - Lantana - Boynton Beach
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Human Growth Hormone Treatment, Testosterone Injections and Creams, Bio-Identical HRT, Low T Therapy, Stress & Weight Loss Management, IV Infusion Vitamin Therapies, Chelation and Testosterone Treatments, provided in Palm Beach by Board Certified Licensed Age Management Physicians who are trained in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine with a focus on "Healthy Aging".

Our Hormone Replacement Physicians provide hormone optimization, life extension, nutritional support and anti-aging therapy to men and women living in Palm Beach. If Hormone Balance is something you want to learn more about, our team can check your testosterone levels to determine if hormone therapy is right for you. Our Testosterone injections and Low T therapy medication can change the way you live your life.

If you think you might have a hormone imbalance or testosterone deficiency caused by menopause or andropause (men's menopause or Low T), please call us at NovaGenix for a Free Medical Consultation. You can give us a call at 561-277-8260 to discuss all of treatment options for Low Testosterone.

Who may benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Men or women experiencing low energy, loss of sex drive or sexual dysfunction, rapid or excessive weight gain, Low T levels, loss of muscle mass due to low testosterone, extreme fatigue, inability to sleep, hot flashes, joint pain, slow recovery from workouts, lack of enthusiasm for life, irritability, mood swings or depression.

If you are want to restore your energy levels and get back your enthusiasm for life, boost your libido and sex drive, build lean muscle mass, lose extra body fat and weight, trim your waist line, decrease stress, sleep better, improve your vision and memory, reduce wrinkles, thicken your hair, look young and feel young live better - fill out the Quick Info Form for a Free BHRT Doctor's Consultation.

At Optimal Hormone Therapy Center, we have served over 20,000 hormone patients and can offer you the absolute best service and pricing on HRT Therapy including Testosterone Injections and HGH Injections.

Contact us to find the various Hormone Lab Testing facilities to qualify for Ant Aging, Testosterone, HGH and HCG treatments if you live in Palm Beach

At NovaGenix, we specialize in testosterone and HGH replacement therapy. We look for all the signs and symptoms or side effects associate with low testosterone. Your testosterone and HGH (IGF-1) levels and other hormone blood levels will be thoroughly checked and our physician will monitor your progress. Low Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone Deficiency are serious medical health conditions whose diagnosis affect many men and women across Florida, South Florida and Palm Beach County. The BHRT professionals at NovaGenix understand that not all family doctors or general practitioners are trained and experienced in how to deal with patients that need bio-identical hormone therapy. Many are not comfortable treating patients with low testosterone or HGH deficiency. At NovaGenix, our experienced doctors recognize that optimal hormone levels are a vital part in vitality and healthy aging and living.

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Our clinical team of physicians and nurses base our success on our patients' long-term good health and positive health outcomes. Hormone Therapy can help you feel like you once did, again.  Call today to learn more.