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At NovaGenix, Jupiter Stem Cell Therapy and PRP experts in Palm Beach County, we use umbilical cord stem cell therapy to help men and women with multiple medical conditions. We are pioneers in Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy . Not only has our medical director remained involved in the field as well as on the cutting edge of regenerative medicine, but our medical team has lectured to people from all over the world. When you come to the NovaGenix, you can be comfortable in knowing that you’re in the hands of experts, leading to improved clinical outcomes, less recovery, and a professional and courteous staff. To learn more about our procedures and how we can help you today, please call us at 561-277-8260 and email us at info@novaGenix.org

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy For Women

Regenerative Medicine located in Jupiter

At NovaGenix in Jupiter Florida and Fort Lauderdale, Regenerative medicine is a game-changer for many patients. This is a cutting edge area of medicine that has potential to completely repair and heal damaged tissue, cells and organs, as well as offer both hope and potential solutions for patients with conditions that current medicine isn’t able to treat effectively. Regenerative medicine has been around for some time—Both organ and bone marrow transplants were first performed decades ago. Current advances in immunology, the science of transplantation and cellular biology have opened the way for new opportunities to improve upon current regenerative treatments and even helped create new therapies.

What are Umbilical Cord Stem Cells?

Umbilical cord stem cells possess the ability to replicate themselves 90 times every 24 hours or so in a laboratory setting. As people get older, our adult stem cells start to decline in their ability to duplicate themselves into specialized cells. Studies have shown both bone marrow and adipose cells, from fat can duplicate themselves in a lab but at a significantly lower rate than umbilical cord blood cells. For example, the adipose cells from a 50 year old will duplicate themselves every three to four days in the lab as compared to 90 times in 24 hours with umbilical stem cells. Umbilical cord blood stem cells come from donors who undergo C-sections and are carefully screened to ensure that the cells are of the highest quality.

What are Stem Cells?

Benefits of Stem Cells

Many patients ask “What are stem cells?” and what are the benefits of stem cell therapy? Currently, stem cells have several clinical applications in treating several different diseases and medical conditions. The potential of embryonic and umbilical stem cells to treat an even greater number of diseases means that in the very near future, scientists will continue to work hard and study exactly how stem cells differentiate, replicate and how they can treat more disease in the future to advance modern regenerative medicine.

Stem cell research

Stem cells distinguish themselves from other types of cells in two significant ways. One, Stem cells are “UN-specialized” and have the ability to renew themselves through self-division, often after being inactive for some time. Secondly, under certain conditions, they have the ability to divide and synthesize themselves into tissue- or organ-specific cells that have specialized jobs and functions. In certain organ systems like the digestive system and bone marrow, stem cells routinely divide themselves in older to repair and replace old or damaged cells and tissues. Studying these cells will allow us valuable insight into how we age, heal and how we can treat several diseases to improve health care and quality of life.

Is stem cell treatment safe?

When asking is Stem cell therapy is safe, NovaGenix can say that it absolutely is. When conducted in a sterile environment with trained medical staff, like in our Jupiter clinic, stem cell therapy is extremely safe with minimal chance of side effects. As long as a patient is treated with the right therapy for their treatment, stem cell therapy is both safe and effective.

How much does Stem Cell therapy cost?

We get several calls as to how much does stem cell therapy cost. The answer will vary based on the conditions treated, the amount of injections performed and the number of cc’s of stem cells required.Treatment for stem cell is expensive but fortunately not prohibitive, No longer do patients need to spend ten of thousands t travel to foreign countries to seek help. They can come to Jupiter and see the staff at NovaGenix for a fraction of the price. For an exact cost, just call us so that we can hear more about your condition and ho we can give you an estimate based on what you need.

Stem Cell Therapy for Knees

One of the most common therapies we see is stem cell therapy for knees (arthritis, chronic pain and injuries alike) we often use stem cells for knee injections along with PRP and have seen fantastic results. ALC, MCL, meniscus tears can all be treated will umbilical cord cell injections. The goal is that that stem-cell injections can both improve and preserve mobility, function and cartilage integrity in the knees to prevent more invasive surgery, like a knee replacement operation.

Stem cell therapy near me

NovaGenix should be your first choice when looking for the best stem cell therapy near me. We offer treatment options for many conditions in our clinic in Jupiter, Florida. The top rated stem cell clinic in Palm Beach, we’re proud to offer men and women regenerative medicine therapies in South Florida. Rejuvenation is defined as the ability to improve and increase the body’s rate and natural ability to repair and heal itself. Whereas the skin can heal itself within a of couple of days, the bodies vital internal organs aren’t capable of repairing themselves as quickly.

Regeneration involves a process or procedure that delivers specific types of cells products like cytokines and growth factors or platelets and stem cells to damaged organs, structures or tissues where they are capable of restoring tissue and organ structure and functionality. This may be accomplished through various types of procedures such as stem cell-based therapies or through the use of cell products, like growth factors, cytokines, MSC cells, bone marrow and more. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Umbilical Stem Cell Therapy Florida

What is Stem Cell Therapy? Umbilical Stem Cell Therapy in Jupiter Florida can help educate our patients as to the benefits of Stem cell treatments at NovaGenix. .

Stem cells have the potential to develop via a process called differentiation into various types of cells, like heart cells, blood cells, skin cells, nerve cells and more. Stem cells are an important part of regenerative medicine, as they are capable of developing into so many types of cells and tissues which makes umbilical cord stem cell treatment so exciting.

Currently, researchers are studying multiple types of stem cells, which includes both adult as well as embryonic/umbilical stem cells. Scientists are also different kinds of cells like progenitor cells. These are the types of cells which we harvest from umbilical cord blood. Much research is being conducted on bio engineered cells like induced pluripotent stem cells. These stem cells are showing incredible potential and their unique abilities are being researched to capitalize on their capabilities to differentiate. Come check out the best stem cell treatment center in South Florida

How successful is stem cell treatment?

Much research is still being conducted to answer the questions as to how successful is stem cell treatment, but the results have so far been extremely favorable. For example, treating knee osteoarthritis has proven particularity effective in many trials for example. One study from 2014 had showed stem cell injections which had been given to patients after having received surgery that removed torn cartilage in their knees had shown evidence of regeneration of cartilage with a significant reduction in pain.

Is stem cell therapy covered by health insurance?

Unfortunately, most insurances do not reimburse for PRP, Prolotherapy, and Stem Cell Therapy. Still, we are starting to see more patients opting to try stem cell and PRP injection therapy as a nonsurgical, alternative that is 100% natural for the treatment of chronic pain and acute injuries do to how successful it is as a treatment. As it is still considered “experimental” most insurance will not cover the costs of treatment. The good news is that stem cell treatments are not prohibitively expensive and can now be an option for many patients.

Adult Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapy

The term Pluripotent means having multiple “potentials”. In essence, these stem cells possess the potential of turning into several differentiated types of cells with in the body, and this also includes all of the different cells in the body, which there are more than 200! embryonic stem cells are pluripotent, and can turn into any cell as opposed to adipose stem cells, or adult stem cells, like the ones harvested from fat and bone marrow, which are multipotent—meaning that they’re restricted to turning into a specific number of sub-populations of cells.

What are Mesenchymal Stem Cells?

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s) work by optimizing the immediate environment directly around a persons damaged cells. MSC’s will secrete anti-inflammatory as well as immune-modulatory factors and also can synthesize several types of growth factors like cytokines, exosomes and micro RNA’s, for example. The introduction of MSC cells will cause the inhibiting of inflammation. After this happens, the umbilical cord cells will now have an ability to start the process of regenerating damaged tissue.

Growth factors, cytokines, exosomes and micro RNA’s from the umbilical cord cells can then begin to signal synthesis of specialized tissue growth and development by sending chemical messengers within your own body in order to regenerate damaged tissues. Specialized cells called Mononucleated cells will create growth factors. (VEGF) or Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor is a protein produced by cells that stimulate Angiogenesis and is a clinically relevant growth factor. Its extremely important for healing within low vascular areas (areas with limited blood supply.) Examples would be chondrocytes in the joints or the avascular tissues in our body. Fibroblast growth factor 2, also called FGF-2 is another example of an extremely powerful growth factor that will encourage the process of mitosis in our body (the proliferation of cells.) It’s one the bodies most important and powerful mitogens.

What are Cytokines and Growth Factors?

Harvested in PRP and used with stem cells, cytokines and growth factors play huge roles in regenerative medicine. Cytokines are the cell signalling molecules that help facilitate communication from one cell to another during immune responses in the body. These cells help to stimulate the migration of cells towards cellular damage and inflammation.

Growth Factors on the other hand are proteins that promote growth, maintenance and organization of cells, tissue, and organs which also includes our skin. They are a kind of chemical messenger, which are responsible for signaling cells to stimulate growth. They are a major factor along with platelets for wound healing and the repairing of skin cells.

When cells are damaged and inflamed, enzymes may b released that may damage cells and break down structure of cells. Growth Factors will in response, send signals which signal fibroblasts (collagen producing cells) which will begin to repair the damaged cells and rebuild the structure of both cell and tissue (organ). In PRP, we concentrate cytokines and growth factors to levels that accelerate the healing process.

Where Do Stem Cells Come From?

Where do stem cells come from and how are they harvested

We get our stem cells from laboratories that specialize in harvesting stem cells. Embryonic stem cells come from three to five day old embryo’s that we donated from donor eggs and cells that were used for in vitro fertilization. At this point, the embryo is called a blastocyst and made up of only around 150 cells. These are pluripotent stem cells. Umbilical cord blood stem cells are one of the most numerous, easily harvested, non-invasive, , and non-controversial sources of viable stem cells. After childbirth, umbilical cords are usually discarded as bio-medical waste however more patients are opting to cryogenically freeze these cells for future use. Patients can also donate them, which will after a thorough screening be used by individuals wishing to receive stem cell therapy.

Embryonic stem cells

Embryonic stem cells are stem cells which come from embryos that are only 3 to 5 days old. During this stage, embryos are called blastocysts and have only about 150 cells each. These are called pluripotent stem cells, which means that they are capable of dividing into more stem cells or can become any type of differentiated/specialized cell in the human body. These are most often harvested from donor eggs from in vitro fertilization and are currently being extensively used in stem cell research so that scientists and doctors can learn more about their potential usage in medicine. These cells possess amazing potential for future utilization in disease treatments and may hold the answers to several questions as to how the human body grows, develops and ultimately we die.

Where are multipotent stem cells found?

What are Multipotent Cells and Where do Multipotent stem cells come from? Multipotent cels are cells that possess the ability to self-regenerate through division and can develop into multiple specialized cells contained in an organisms tissues or organs. Just about all adult stem cells are multipotent stem cells.

Multipotent stem cells can be found in the the organs and tissue of adult mammals. Researches believe that they can be found within most body organs in adults, where they will divide and replace damaged, diseased or older cells. Their job is to keep us healthy and replenish an organisms cells throughout throughout an individuals lifetime.

Multipotent stem cells (Umbilical Cord stem cells, that are capable of differentiating and developing into a number of different types of cells in the body. Pluripotent stem cells (Embryonic stem cells) can give rise to any type of cell in the body except those needed to develop a fetus.

What Can Be Treated With Stem Cells

How can stem cells treat disease?

When most people talk about stem cell therapy for treating diseases they ‘re usually talking about a stem cell transplants. With stem cell transplants, embryonic stem cells become specialized into the adult cell types that are needed for that particular individuals condition. The mature cells then begin to replace the damaged tissue who had been damaged because of disease or injury. These types of stem cell treatments might be used to:

  • Repair nervous tissue that has been damaged from an injury to the spinal cord, stroke patients, Men and Women Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or various neurological issues;
  • Stem cells may be able to produce insulin which may be able to treat people that have diabetes and heart muscle cells which could repair damaged cardiac tissue after a heart attack; or
  • Replace just about any tissues or organs that have been injured or affected from a disease.

As more research on stem cells are being conducted, embryonic stem cell-based therapy may be able to accomplish greater things for patients in the future, like develop into heart/cardiac muscle cells which may provide valuable data about how we could stimulate cardiac tissue to auto-repair itself after someone suffers from a heart attack.

  • Stem cells may even be used for research on disease, identifying new pharmaceutical products, and even screen drugs for possible adverse side effects.

Stem cell therapy for Pain

Chronic pain can be treated with stem cells for a variety of conditions. Stem cell therapy can be used depending on whats being treated and what the underlying cause is, whether its acute tissue or ligament damage or nerve damage, stem cell therapy may offer a solution. Umbilical stem cell injections are an alternative to invasive surgical procedures for men and women who suffer from any number of of degenerative diseases and medical conditions or injury. Whether deaing with chronic Knee Pain, ACL, MCL or meniscal tears, arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Hip Arthritis, back and spine pain and labral tears can be treated at NovaGenix in our Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale clinics.

Stem cell therapy for hair loss

NovaGenix Specializes in Regenerative Medicine & Non-Surgical Hair Restoration with Stem cells. The practice of Stem Cell Therapy has expanded significantly as of recent in the treatment of medical conditions including cesmetic procedure like facials and hair loss therapies. When talking about hair restoration therapy, Stem Cell Treatments for hair loss is one such procedure which is gaining great interest due to the effective initial trials and positive results being produced.

At NovaGenix our Stem Cell Injections for Hair Loss is very convenient, non-surgical and efficient. It is a non-invasive procedure that stimulates and can regrow a man or woman’s hair follicles. Stem cells which are present in the middle of our hair follicles ensure a reoccurring and continual supply of cells to the hair root to keep it healthy and strong. Hair follicles that are damaged or dead/dying follicles, which are continuously shrinking the diameter of the hairs, will get in the way of new hairs from developing and growing. Research and trials have shown stem cells may now be used in an effort to help stimulate the hair follicle cells, when injected into the scalp, thus reversing the process of alopecia. PRP injections for hair loss at NovaGenix with Stem Cells can change the way you look and feel about yourself.

  • Stem Cell Therapy for hair loss not only helps prevent and reverse hair loss and balding in both men and women, but also may improve the overall quality, health and texture of a patient’s hair.
  • As we get older, our hair follicles often begin to shrink and quit responding to chemical signals which slows down the hair growth. Stem cells introduced into the follicles will send off chemical messengers to the damaged and dying follicles, which can help regenerate and grow healthy hair again.

Stem Cell therapy for facial rejuvenation

Recently the scientific community has seen advances and medical research has discovered state of the art alternatives for cosmetic facial surgeries and face lifts. At NovaGenix, our effective and scientifically proven Stem Cell facial rejuvenation focuses on reversing the effects of aging for your face, skin and body is a revolutionary new approach that is non-invasive, effective and affordable. Dr. Sigman and the NovaGenix medical team has developed stem cell treatment protocols and procedures in Palm Beach and Broward county in our Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale clinics. We offer facial rejuvenation, volume restoration for wrinkles and lines, Collagen revitalization, as well as total anti-aging and total body rejuvenation.

At NovaGenix, our treatments use quality umbilical stem cells which will improve blood flow to the skin after injections, but also triggers a stimulation of new collagen formation which gives a patient that healthy “glow”and makes their face look fuller, more healthy, vibrant and younger. Stem cells will also have an interesting paracrine influence on the cels around them. This means that they are capable of influencing cells around them to act and feel younger. This will have an effect that will delay the process of cellular aging and reverse the cells biological age to a more youthful stage.

The results? After a few week or months, the patient will start to see a marked improvement in their skin and appearance. A natural looking, fuller, healthier skin with a radiance that helps you look years younger. People will notice you look better than you have in years and will wonder what you did to look so fantastic. Our PRP facials with Stem Cells can help you turn back the clock.

The benefits of Stem Cells For Facial Rejuvenation.

  • They are non-surgical and minimally invasive.
  • Gynecomastia
  • Recover faster.
  • Less painful during both procedure and recovery.
  • Natural looking results and with long term effects.

Stem Cell Therapy for Osteoarthritis

Chronic pain from Osteoarthritis can be treated with Stem Cell treatments at NovaGenix in Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale. We have helped hundreds of patients with PRP and Stem Cell treatments at NovaGenix for osteoarthritis and degenerative tissue disorders with terrific results. Improve mobility and decrease pain with our non-invasive and non-surgical pain relief treatments in our out patient setting. The purpose of stem cell treatments are to inject and introduce Umbilical stem cells into the patient’s joint in order to help create cartilage, which are composed of chondryte cells. Stem cells by nature, have natural anti-inflammatory capabilities which can certainly help patients deal with , reduce and treat Osteoarthritis pain and inflammation in the joint and surrounding areas. Stem Cell Therapy and PRP for arthritis can help patients live better more active lives, without constant

Stem cell therapy for back pain

Stem cell treatments in Jupiter at NovaGenix for Back Pain has helped men and women recover from chronic back pain that has left them unable to do the things that they enjoy. PRP and Stem Cell treatments combined are an effective treatment solution to help resolve the pain from acute injuries or degenerative conditions that many patients face. Our Palm Beach County and Broward locations in Jupiter and NovaGenix Fort Lauderdale, can help patients recover from back pain and injuries with our umbilical stem cell injection therapy, that can take less than hour from start to finish, with patients being able to drive home and get back to work and life, immediately. The goal behind injecting stem cells around the spinal column may hep to repair the damaged worn-out discs in spine and neck. Disc degeneration is something that happens to many patients as they get older, and it’s a cause of lower back pain. Lower back pain often gets worse over time, so getting help as early as possible is an important step in improving your condition.

Stem Cell Therapy in South Florida at NovaGenix


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