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NovaGenix in the Stuart and Martin County area treats men with andropausea. We just a short drive away from port st Lucie or the Treasure Coast. You can enjoy lunch on Bathtub Beach and visit the many attractions that Stuart has to offer and be in our office in no time! With a 5 star rating, NovaGenix is the best TRT clinic in Broward County and the surrounding areas. Our testosterone replacement therapy reviews for NovaGenix speak volumes about the Top Low T Clinic in the area.

What separates us from the other HRT Clinics in Martin County is that we have experience in bio-identical hormone therapy and have helped men for close to 20 years. If you’ve asked, “Do I have Low T?” The answer is actually surprisingly easy to find out. With a simple ADAM questionnaire we can determine if you have the symptoms that may indicate a need for a blood test. At NovaGenix, we can help men test for Low T in Stuart and Martin County at our Men’s health clinic. Our licensed and experienced physician can help test, diagnose and treat low T in South Florida.

We work closely with our partners in an effort to maximize our resources to help improve your health from the ground up. We focus on hormone balance and focus on weight, mobility, energy and more. Our results speak for themselves.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy For Women

Testosterone Replacement Center in Stuart and Martin County

Testosterone replacement therapy is a form of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) which supplements our patients hormone levels, with bio-identical testosterone, to therapeutic levels, within accepted normal ranges, which are typically between 300 to 1100 for adult men. We effectively bring your T levels back to a range where you’ll start to feel more healthy and vibrant. TRT will usually be prescribed to counter the symptoms of Low T or male hypogonadism, also called andropause. The most commonly administered route of delivery is either by injection or by the use of skin creams and gels that contain testosterone, but occasionally some men opt for testosterone pellets or patches.

Some of the signs of Low Testosterone can include: · Depression · Low libido and sex drive · Lack of energy and fatigue · Decreased muscle tone and mass · Hair loss · Mood swings and Irritability · Lowered sense of self confidence · Mental Blocks and lack of drive and focus · Difficulty achieving and maintaining erections · Increases in body fat and weight gain , just to name a few. A few simple blood tests can help you to determine if your hormone levels are actually low or not. A doctor will look at your free and total testosterone levels. some of the other tests would be a CMP and CBC as well as an estrogen and PSA test. The physician could possibly require a few other exams to check liver, kidney and cardiac systems as well before making an appropriate diagnosis.

Hormone Doctors Near Me in The Stuart and Martin county Area

We have the top rated HRT doctor in /near Martin County. The best way to describe what we do is simple, we help men look, feel and live better with TRT. We’ve been doing this for a very long time, and have the number one TRT clinic in Jupiter , Florida, so we understand the process. We offer the most reasonable and through programs and have one of the most experienced physicians in the field of hormone replacement and preventative medicine anywhere around. The NovaGenix medical director, Dr. Tim, is a respected and well sought after expert in testosterone therapy.

NovaGenix Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Jupiter helps men of all ages. With close to 2 decades of experience treating men with low-T, he has helped thousands of patients look, live and feel better through hormone therapy. He’s developed TRT and BHRT programs that are customized to help men reach optimal health so that they can enjoy a newfound sense of vitality and happiness. Helping men regain their confidence and quality of life that they deserve, NovaGenix is improving lives one patient at a time. Schedule an appointment at the best TRT Clinic in Stuart and Martin County by calling 561-277-8260 today and visit us at our location at 609 N. Hepburn ave, Jupiter, Florida 33458 for the best testosterone therapy clinic in South Florida.

The Best Low T Center

Testosterone is a male hormone that does more for men than just boost their libido and sexual performance. Testosterone affects several other systems in our body, including distribution and retention of body fat, building of lean muscle, health and density of bones, production of red blood cells, energy levels and motivation, sleep patterns and mood and focus.

For the majority of men, normal testosterone levels typically fall between 300 and 1,100 ng/dL. There’s been a considerable amount of research performed which shows that T levels have been on a steady decline over the past several generations. This is possibly because of environmental factors such as food additives and preservatives, plastics, BPA’s and the chemicals in lotions, bug sprays and sunscreen to name just a few. With many possible reasons why a person’s testosterone levels could be sub-optimal and below normal levels, it’s almost impossible to narrow the cause to a single culprit.

Prescription Testosterone Injections

Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Stuart and Martin county at NovaGenix may be the best option to help men regain the vitality and energy they once had. When starting TRT at NovaGenix, our physician will have you take an initial blood test. Depending on your symptoms and the results from your blood test, our physician may suggest you start testosterone injections or a testosterone gel/cream. Prescription testosterone injections are easy to begin and we can help test, diagnose and treat patients with testosterone cypionate or enanthate. The impact that injectable testosterone has on men with Low T is tremendous and will optimize their horomes and health at the same time. Testosterone therapy is a life saver for many men. This is known as TRT or testosterone replacement therapy. This form of therapy has been proven to help men with low t, or andropause, change their lives for the better. Hormone Replacement Therapy in Martin County at NovaGenix can turn your life around.

Low T Clinic Reviews

To get a better idea of what our patients think of us, its best to go straight to the source.

The following links will take to you to google, yelp and facebook reviews to hear exactly what the people we treat think about us.

We have worked with patients who range in ages from their teens, to men in their 90’s. People who suffer from pain, amateur athletes, professional athletes, police, fire and military are all patients of our.

We treat people from Miami to Orlando and from coast to coast.

We have patients who have come from South America and Europe just to work with us.

If you’d like to learn why were one of the most sought after treatment clinics in South Florida, call us at (561) 277-8260 and email us at so that we can help answer your questions and show you why so many people trust us with their health and wellness needs in 609 N. Hepburn ave Suite 106 Jupiter, Florida 33458

TRT Center near Stuart and Martin County

Testosterone Cypionate Injections

Testosterone Cypionate is used for TRT in men who no longer produce enough natural testosterone and begin to experience symptoms of Low T. In men, normal testosterone levels are responsible for several essential functions, like growth and development of the genitalia, muscles development, and bone growth and strength. It’s also vial in normal sexual development for adolescent boys. Testosterone is in a class of drugs known as androgens. testosterone cypionate is commonly prescribed for the treatment of hypogonadism. It’s a slow-acting, long-ester, oil-based injectable compounded form of testosterone that helps men with low testosterone levels and various related symptoms return their hormonal balance back to normal so that they can start feeling better and improve their overall health and wellness.

How to use Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone cypionate injections can be given in any muscle or even subcutaneously in the fat just beneath the skin. Most men chose to receive injections in the gluteus muscles (buttocks) but can sometime inject in the deltoid (shoulder) or quadriceps muscles (thighs.) Available by Prescription only, the Dosage is going to be based on your actual levels and what our medical director and you decide are most optimal for your health based on normal therapeutic ranges (between 300-1100 ng/dl.)

How To Test Your Testosterone Levels in Stuart Florida

Testing for Low T

All you need, is take a sample 10 question “yes or no” test to see if you have the symptoms of Low Testosterone, or hypogonadism. You can actually take it NOW by clicking the link that says TAKE THE LOW T TEST HERE. Testing for Low Testosterone is a simple and easy process at NovaGenix in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our TRT programs can help men check their hormone levels and get the help they need.

Blood Tests for Low Testosterone

A few simple tests can help you determine if your levels are low or not. A doctor will look at your free and total testosterone levels, a CMP and CBC as well as an estrogen and PSA test. Our physician may require a few other exams (non invasive) to check your liver, kidney and cardiac systems, prior making an appropriate diagnosis

Side Effects of Testosterone Therapy

As with any medication, there could be possible side effects with TRT, but with an experienced physician who is knowledgeable about testosterone prescriptions, the potential risks can be monitored and minimized.

Some patients could experience oily skin and acne, mild fluid retention, increased urination, stimulation of prostate tissue, increased risks of blood clots and breast enlargement. If a patient begins to experience side effects, the medication dosage can be adjusted. We have the best TRT Doctor in Martin County, so if you’re looking for a Low T Clinic in the Stuart area, we have you covered!

Misuse or abuse of testosterone could cause side effects like mental/mood issues, unnatural drug-seeking behavior (like an addict), disruption of normal bone growth in adolescents and even heart problems. That’s why it’s important to follow our doctors directions and to not increase the dose without medical approval first.

Our physician has been treating men with Low T for close to 20 years so he has the experience needed to help test, diagnose, treat and monitor men who start TRT. At NovaGenix Stuart we can help minimize potential risks of side effects my offering guidance, frequent lab tests and analysis of all blood work to help ensure that you feel great and improve your health through testosterone therapy.

Doctors who prescribe Testosterone in Stuart & Martin County

How To Get a Testosterone Prescription in Vero Beach from an experienced HRT doctor

Call us the learn more about how you can get Testosterone therapy prescriptions from a doctor near Martin County. We can help men with andropause in Stuart at NovaGenix, the best choice for patients looking for a men’s health and wellness clinic. We have worked with hundreds of patients on the treasure coast and can help you improve the way you look and feel.

Improve energy levels, lose fat, build muscle, help fight erectile dysfunction and feel better about yourself. NovaGenix is professional, affordable, experienced and one of the top rated TRT clinics in South Florida for a reason. Call us today to learn why.

Hormone replacement therapy Fort Lauderdale

At NovaGenix, we consider ourselves more than just a typical Testosterone Therapy Clinic near Stuart. The goals we have with our patients is to help improve health, mood, physical appearance and sexual performance in the bedroom for them to lead a happier, more balanced lifestyle, both physically and emotionally. Much research has been conducted, that validates claims that testosterone therapy has several positive health benefits for men over 40. Studies on the effectiveness and safety of Testosterone Therapy Treatment by medical teams have proven that Physician prescribed and monitored Hormone Replacement Therapy programs are safe for most men, yet there remains several misconceptions about TRT even within the medical community. Thus, the importance of both research as well as scheduling an appointment to sit down with an expert in their field of HRT medicine.

As it turns out, being on a physician prescribed and monitored TRT regimen has several health benefits, and many of the “myths” about TRT have been discredited by the medical community. Statements by the American Urological Association confirm its safety. In the conclusion of their 2016 study, they state” Prostate cancer appears to be unrelated to endogenous testosterone levels. TRT for symptomatic hypogonadism does not appear to increase PSA levels nor the risk of prostate cancer development. ” Click Here To See The Study. Another recent study has shown that there is no increased the risk of heart disease or stroke because of TRT and even concluded that patients on a long-term testosterone replacement program could even benefit from BHRT and have shown a reduction in cardiovascular incidents and stroke. Hormone replacement is both safe and potentially improves more than just vitality and quality of life, but overall health and well-being too. Call our Low T Clinic in Stuart Florida today.

How long does it take for testosterone injections to work?

All people respond differently. Some feel reslts within days, other a few weeks r even months, yet most men will arree that the results are very real and made them realize just how poorly they felt prior to therapy. Obviously some of the benefits of TRT is going to be physical in terms of the body burning more fat and putting on more muscle. People report that in six months of testosterone replacement therapy they made more gains than the previous six years of working out multiple times a week in the gym. The right amount of testosterone own in the body will manifest itself in a lean or more sculpted physique. This will certainly boost self-confidence and self-esteem and help improve mood. It also makes men more attractive to women and studies have shown that men with higher T levels are perceived as more sexually attractive to women. NovaGenix can help you answer all of your questions. Feel free to call or email us today.

Anti-Aging clinic near Stuart in Martin County Florida

What to expect from testosterone injections

NovaGenix Stuart Anti-Aging Clinics can help teach you about the benefits of testosterone injections.

If you’re a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy your physician will be able to write out a customized prescription for medications including testosterone that will be able to increase your level significantly to a therapeutic range, appropriate for your age. Typically the medication and supplies can be delivered to the patients home or office. At NovaGenix, we make sure that our patients are taken care of every step of the way. So what are the Pro’s to starting TRT?

There’s a combination of benefits which are both immediate AND long term from TRT. One of the first noticeable changes a man experiences may be a dramatic increase in their sex drive. In only a few short weeks after a male starts therapy, they might notice significant increases in libido. If you’re at the stage in your life where you’d prefer a good night sleep instead of having sex, then you may find a dramatic change in attitude. Obviously, a guy’s girlfriend, wife or partner will certainly see and experience the difference as well. Often, we’ll get feedback from a man’s partner that their significant others have completely changed…FOR THE BETTER!

Martin County and Stuart’s best anti aging and Low T Clinic options

We focus on the delay of aging or rather the appearance of aging through preventative health and wellness. To diagnose, help prevent and treat age related diseases through hormone optimization, welless and BHRT, weight loss programs and PRP are a few of the options we have available to keep you looking and feeling your best. Come see us in our Fort Lauderdale, Florida Clinic, the best anti-aging center in Broward County.

With close to 2 decades worth of Anti Aging medicine experience, Dr. Sigman has been treating patients with hormone replacement therapy as a form of preventative medicine. In his years of practice he’s helped men with Low T through TRT and women undergoing peri-menopause and menopausal changes with HRT/BHRT to alleviate the unwanted symptoms. As men age they may experience weight gain, low sex drive and erectile dysfunction and he we can help. NovaGenix Weight loss programs, thyroid disorders and other medical issues can all be addressed. As aboard certified and licensed internal medicine specialist, Dr. Sigman can provide care and guidance needed to allow you to live better, longer. We even offer PRP and Stem Cell therapy for cosmetic, and orthopedic regenerative medicine procedures for patients looking to approve their appearance in our Fort Lauderdale, Florida Clinic.

Testosterone replacement therapy cost

Costs of hormone replacement therapy and testosterone therapy will vary from patient to patient depending on medications and dosage of these medications. At NovaGenix we can offer customized all-inclusive HRT programs for men and women which include initial consultations, labs, follow up visits, follow up blood work, medication,monitoring, supplies and round the clock support. The average costs will be around $199/month yet these costs will vary based on the factors mentioned above.

Is testosterone therapy safe?

Testosterone Therapy is becoming extremely popular, due to the benefits that it offers, yet many people still ask, “What is TRT?” and “Is Testosterone Therapy Safe?” Studies have shown that when prescribed by an experienced TRT clinic and physician who is knowledgeable in HRT, testosterone therapy is not only safe but beneficial for men’s health and wellness. Testosterone will also help men to regulate growth of lean muscle. Men who have low Testosterone, often feel like they’ve gotten smaller and weaker with less muscle tone than they once did. Testosterone injections can help increase not only metabolism but burn fat as well as increase lean muscle mass, overall energy and recovery. Testosterone Therapy has been shown to help improve overall health.

Testosterone and aging

For most men, normal testosterone levels are between 300 and 1,100 ng/dL. There’s been considerable research done showing levels have been on a steady decline over the past several generations, quite possibly due to environmental factors like food additives, plastics, BPA’s and chemicals in cleaners, bug sprays, soaps, lotions and sunscreens to name a few. There are so many possible reasons as to why a person’s testosterone levels may be sub optimal and low, that its almost impossible to narrow it down to a singular cause, and why testosterone therapy is the only real option most men have to significantly boost their T levels. Men will start to see a decline in testosterone from their mid 20’s at a 1 to 2% decrease annually. This quickly adds up and by time a guy hits mis mid 30’s to 40’s the damage has been done and the individual could be between 25-40% lower than they were just a few years ago.

Testosterone cream in Martin County

Men with Low T can start TRT with a testosterone cream or gel that can help raise their levels. If you visit NovaGenix Stuart , a Low T clinic and men’s wellness center and tell us about your low testosterone levels, we’ll test and diagnose you and we could prescribe a testosterone cream if you’re interested. This could be a prescription that can help you keep your testosterone levels at optimal levels. Here are some things that you should know when you choose to use a testosterone cream or androgen gel as a testosterone booster. It’s always important to understand what to expect before starting TRT. The cream is easy to apply for patients who are not able to use a needle for injection. The gel is designed to be absorbed through the skin layers, often used around the sides where the skin is soft and easy for the cream to adsorb through. This often means you’ll need to apply it the same way you use normal body lotions and creams. After absorbed, it will start working and this can lead to an increase in testosterone levels.

The application of the gel is usually prescribed daily. It is recommended that you apply it in the morning. Applying the testosterone cream the same time each day will work help you to remember to apply it and keep your levels balanced. It’s important to follow the directions on the label carefully and call us if you have any questions. It’s crucial to use the medication as directed. Do not apply more or less than prescribed and you’ll be very happy with the results. NovaGenix Hormone Therapy and TRT programs in Stuart and Jupiter can help turn your life around by improving your health and wellness. Our testosterone replacement programs are all inclusive, affordable and improve your quality of life. Call us today to schedule your initial visit to get tested, diagnosed and treated for Low T at one of our South Florida locations.


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