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When looking for the best Low Testosterone Specialist Near Me in Lake Worth, FL, you’ve found the right clinic. NovaGenix Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinic in Lake Worth, FL has helped men in Palm Beach County look, live and feel better through hormone optimization. We offer affordable and convenient all inclusive TRT programs for men with low testosterone.

When men age, there may be a noticeable drop in their overall testosterone levels. On average, men will lose between 1 and 2% of their serum testosterone levels each year after their peek in their early twenties. By the time a man reaches his 40’s, they may have had their testosterone levels drop by over a third. This can cause profound changes in both their mental and physical and well being. There is a direct correlation between many side effects that can be attributed in many cases to lowered testosterone production.

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Some of the side effects that can be treated in Lake Worth, Florida for Men with Low T by NovaGenix

Some of the Specific Signs/Symptoms of Low Testosterone can include

  • Reduced sex drive.
  • Reduced erectile function and sexual performance.
  • Loss of body hair.
  • Decreased growth of facial hair.
  • Loss of strength and lean muscle mass.
  • General fatigue and feeling of being tired.
  • Unwanted fat gain or Obesity (being overweight).
  • Depression.

The symptoms of low testosterone are sometimes referred to as Andropause . A simple online androgen deficiency in aging males test, also known as the ADAM test can help you determine if Low T may be the culprit. Along with a simple blood test, we can help test, diagnose and treat men for Low T in Lake Worth. Testing for Low T is a simple process and will provide the patient and physician valuable information regarding hormone levels and where their testosterone values stand in reference to standard lab ranges.

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Do I need Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

It's going to be a combination of factors which determines the cause of low testosterone in men as well as the best course of possible treatment. Some patients can raise their total testosterone levels through diet, exercise, vitamin supplementation and getting extra sleep but this typically can only raise their levels slightly. If the average refence range for men is between 250-1100 ng/dl regarding their total testosterone, an increase into the 300’s may not help to fight the symptoms. At Novagenix we look at both the hormone levels as well as the symptoms so that our patients can benefit the most from treatment.

What are some of the causes of Low Testosterone in Men?

Typically, most patients come to us in their late 30’s and 40’s as it most commonly caused by getting older. Men lose 1-2% each year of their testosterone levels but Low-T can also be caused by other factors like

  • Medications being taken
  • Testicular cancer or injury
  • Chemotherapy / Radiation therapy
  • Alcohol/drug consumption
  • Pituitary gland damage
  • Stress
  • Some sexually-transmitted diseases

To get diagnosed to see if you if you are androgen deficient or have Low-T, our doctor can help having a simple blood test to determine your free and total testosterone levels as well as a CBC, CMP, PSA and estradiol check. To schedule blood work which includes a free and total testosterone level test, please call/text (561) 277-8260 or email us at to learn more about how to test for low testosterone.

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How Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Work at NovaGenix in Lake Worth?

How Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Work at NovaGenix in Lake Worth? For patients diagnosed with Low T looking to start testosterone therapy, there are several options. Therapeutic testosterone therapy can be administered most commonly via injection of testosterone cypionate or a testosterone gel/cream that gets applied daily. Both options are convenient, affordable, effective and will help raise your hormone levels to where you’ll get relief from the symptoms you may be experiencing.

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Are there Side Effects to Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Any medication can have the potential for side effects. When administered and monitored by a licensed and experienced physician knowledgeable in HRT, most side effects can easily me treated. Some of the effects from testosterone replacement therapy may include:

  • Acne
  • Gynecomastia
  • Increased red blood cell production
  • Nipple sensitivity
  • Decrease in testicular size

How can I start Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Getting started with TRT at NovaGenix in Lake Worth Beach is simple. Just give us a call or text at 561-277-8260 OR click this link and fill out a new patient intake form. We’ll call to schedule a FREE initial phone consultation with our physician Dr. Mackey. If you have blood/lab-work you can email us the results to and if you need help getting blood work, we’ll be happy to assist you with that as well.


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