What are Donald Trump's Testosterone Levels?

December 1, 2023

Donald Trump's Testosterone Levels on the 'Dr. Oz' Show in 2016: A Different Kind of Presidential Health Reveal

What Does Trump's Testosterone Levels Say About His Health?

In 2016, during an appearance on the 'Dr. Oz' show, Donald Trump ventured into an unconventional territory for a presidential candidate – disclosing his health information. Among the many numbers shared during a rundown of his medical records, one figure stood out: "Your testosterone is 441," Dr. Oz announced, adding, "It's good." This revelation garnered applause from the audience, as Trump smiled and acknowledged the cheers.

This instance marked an unprecedented moment in political campaigns, where a candidate openly discussed hormone levels on national television. The changing landscape of elections has shifted focus not only to policies and records but also to more personal details like the health and fitness of the candidates and the media is happy to report on all of this as it makes for great headlines.

Are Trumps Hormone Levels Normal?

Dr. Vito Imbasciani, a urologist and the former president of the Los Angeles County Medical Association and current Board Chair of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine , explained that testosterone levels are not typically part of routine health checkups. He highlighted the complexity of determining an ideal testosterone level, considering the wide variability in this parameter compared to other health markers. This range can be anywherefrom 250 to 1100 for adult men, depending on the specific labs reference range. However, Imbasciani found Trump's testosterone level of 441.6 to be "perfectly, absolutely, boringly average and normal." From his perspective, Trump appeared healthy overall, emphasizing that physical appearance also indicated good health.

How Healthy is Donald Trump?

During the show, Trump expressed his belief in the importance of health for presidential duties, asserting, "You have an obligation to be healthy when you're running for president." He disclosed his previous hospitalization at age 11 for appendix removal and shared his desire to lose weight, a challenge due to his lifestyle.

A one-page letter, signed by Trump's longtime doctor, Harold N. Bornstein, stated Trump's height, weight, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood sugar, prostate-specific antigen levels, and more. The letter also mentioned Trump's use of a cholesterol-lowering drug and low-dose aspirin.

How Healthy is President Joe Biden?

In contrast, President Joe Biden's health summary, released on February 16, 2023, by his physician, Dr. Kevin C. O’Connor, revealed various aspects of Biden's health status. The summary detailed consultations with specialists and covered medical conditions, medication use, physical characteristics, and laboratory test results, portraying Biden's fitness for presidential duties. As requested by the president, he gave a summary of the current president’s health status and stated the president remains fit for duty and capable to execute all of his responsibilities without exemption or accommodation.

The review included consultations with specialists from Walter Reed, national military, Medical Center and included optometry, dentistry, orthopedics, foot, and ankle, spine, podiatry, physical therapy, neurology, cardiology, radiology, and dermatology.  The conclusions were conducted with the assistance from several professors from George Washington University’s school of medicine and health sciences.

The summary discussed his upper respiratory infection from COVID-19, his non-valvular, atrial fibrillation, otherwise known as A-fib, being stable, having hyperlipidemia, gastroesophageal reflux, seasonal allergies, a stiffened gate, which is moderate to severe degenerative, osteoarthritic spondylosis and mild sensory peripheral neuropathy of his feet.  The report included several of the medication’s he’s taken, the fact that he does not use any tobacco or alcohol, and continues to exercise at least five days per week.

His height was 72 inches, he weighed 178 pounds with the BMI of 24.1 had normal blood pressure of 128/76, pulse of 69, respiratory rate of 15 pulse oximetry reading of 98% and had Blood work done which included a CMP, CBC, urinalysis, vitamin D, and magnesium tests, all coming back normal.

Will a Candidates Health be a Factor in The 2024 Presidential Election?

The contrast between the public disclosures of Trump's testosterone levels and Biden's comprehensive health summary underscores the evolving dynamics of transparency and information sharing in presidential campaigns. Nearly 8 years have passed since Trump revealed his results on the Dr. Oz show. Will he reveal them again? If so, what changes can we expect? As testosterone levels decline with age, it stands to reason that they would also decline, assuming he is not on testosterone replacement therapy of any kind. One thing is for sure, 2024’s presidential election will be interesting to watch.


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