Tiger Woods: 2019 PGA Master's Champion from Jupiter, Florida had received PRP to heal his injuries

April 15, 2019


Green Jacket Winner Tiger Woods Made an Incredible Comeback in Augusta, With Some Help From Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, or PRP.

Tiger Wood: 2019 PGA Masters Champion.

PRP helps Golfer's and other athletes recover faster from injuries so that they can continue to play the sport they love. 

It’s no secret that Platelet Rich Plasma is making a name foritself at a very rapid pace, which has many amateur and professional athletestaking notice. 2019 PGA Master’sChampion Tiger Woods had quite a serious injury to his ACL back in 2008.Because the ACL ligament is responsible for the rotational stability of our knees,damage to this ligament and the knee joint can change the trajectory of agolfer’s career. The time lost playing and practice that comes with this typeof injury and healing/therapy involved with it makes it a minimum of ninemonths off the greens. For someone like Woods in the prime of their career, heneeded to do anything he could to get healthy and made the wise decision totake look into regenerative medicine to heal his body. PRP helps golfers recover from injuries keeping them off the green.

NovaGenix PRP Clinic in Jupiter, Florida

PRP or, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, is a newer regenerativemedicine treatment gaining popularity that can be used to help repair and bringback both mobility and strength to patients injured ligaments and tendons.The goal of PRP is to separate and concentrate your body’s natural healingcells, known as cytokines and growth factors from the platelets that arecontained within our plasma to help dramatically speed up the process of healingoverall. PRP is non-invasive as we only draw a small amount of blood andrequires almost zero downtime, which, making it perfect for people with jobsthat they need to be active in, like fire, police, construction workers etc.…,or athletes looking to return faster to their sports as quickly as they can.

Tiger Woods had received a total of four PRP injections intohis left knee. They are almost painless as the area can be anesthetized locallyto minimize discomfort. You’ll be able to walk out immediately after yourinjection. The results for the platelet rich plasma treatments were incrediblefor the Jupiter, Florida Golfer, which then had him use PRP again on hisAchilles' tendons soon after. The rest, as they say, is history as Woods has madeof the most incredible comebacks in sports history and looks to be inphenomenal shape once again.

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The experience of the clinic and physician is extremely important as there are several nuances involved in regenerative medicine.  PRP injections are learned over time with training and experience, which is why our clinic has had such tremendous success and come with such experience.  At NovaGenix we have helped hundreds of patients recover with PRP and have one of the most highly trained, educated and qualified teams in the area. Feel free to call us for a FREE consultation to learn more about Platelet Rich Plasma and how PRP can help you improve the way you live your life without pain without having to have surgery.

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