What is the healthiest way to lose weight? The Emotional Advantages of Weight Loss.

August 23, 2017


Losing Weight Can Help You Feel Better About Yourself And Become A Happier Healthier Person.

As most people seem tofocus on the highly noticeable effects of weight loss (meaning the physicaltransformation an individual goes through), many people miss out on the moreimportant benefits, which include not just improving one’s health but to thepsychological well-being of the individual as well. It's very difficultto gauge and in some cases even register the emotional improvements that aperson benefitswhen they achieve a healthier weight. Research has shown thatwhen people are able to reach their goals and lose weight, they live happierlives due to shedding not just pounds but insecurities and stress associatedwith the social stigma and chronic health conditions that occur withobesity.

For those who've never experienced living lifebeing overweight, it's hard for them to understand what it's like navigatingthrough life being obese.  People who are overweight usually worry aboutthings that they're thinner counterparts don't even think about. For example,going to a store to buy clothing can often be something that overweight peopledread.  Finding clothes that fit them in a normal store can be nearlyimpossible.  What about when it comes down to sitting on certain chairsand furniture that may or may not be rated to handle someone of their size? Also,one could imagine that when you’re thin and you get on an elevator you maynotice the sign that says what the maximum weight is, but probably not in thesame way that a heavier set person thinks about it. Once you achieve yourweight-loss goals you won't have to worry about these things which are aconstant source of stress and in some cases embarrassment.  No longer willyou need to worry about public perception and other people’s opinions. The truth of the matter is society views overweight individuals in the morenegative light then individuals who appear healthier.  By losing weightyou will eliminate stress and improve your self-confidence which willultimately lead you to feel better about yourself.  

It's not so easy to start losing weight, thoughis it? At a certain point, many people who are overweight will rely on food asa form of comfort… an emotional crutch if you will. When individuals lose weightone of the first things they will discover is an ability to curb this relianceon food to help cope with their emotions.  This creates a change inlifestyle that will allow them to maintain weight loss and live a healthierhappier life through engaging in any better nutritional choices. Eating to liveinstead of living to eat. Eating better food will also provide them with moreenergy and improve their mood, hormonal balance and focus.  It's a win,win situation.  When you start a diet around the holidays it may be tough to stick to. Being in a supervised program with medication may be just the extra motivation one needs to stay focused and disciplined. 

Quite often individuals who are overweight havefeelings of insecurity and find themselves shutting themselves off frompotential relationships. Sometimes this is an effort to protect themselvesemotionally from the hurt they think they are going to experience.  They’llbuild a wall. "Who would ever want to be with me when I look likethis" is a frequent feeing expressed by those who are overweight. They often back themselves into an emotional corner that is difficult for themto remove themselves from. Another unfortunate result is that many women findthemselves stuck in abusive or pseudo-abusive relationships because they feelas if they have no other options.  Whereas this is obviously a toxicemotional state of being it is very realtor many people and common amongstthose who are overweight.  

The increased confidence that comes with thetransformation from weight-loss will be a huge benefit.  Higher confidenceleads to higher self-worth and ultimately then to an increase inhappiness.  The benefits of weight loss that occur in society aremind-boggling.  Studies have shown that individuals with healthier weightsstatistically make more money, have more friends, Live longer healthier lives.Research has also shown that this has less to do with the actual weight of aperson but more as a reflection of their personality which will tend to improvewith weight loss.  When someone can increase their confidence and livelife with more passion and enthusiasm, they will often become more successfulin both their personal and professional lives.  The emotional benefits ofweight loss are tremendous and need to be considered as a huge motivationalforce behind starting a weight loss program.   

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