Testosterone Therapy: 5 Popular Myths That Aren't True.

November 18, 2017


Learn The Truth About TRT and Why You Need To Start Therapy Now!

Often men who are curious aboutstarting testosterone replacement therapy are exposed to myths that may bothconfuse and scare them away from beginning treatment. It’s not unusual for usto hear about wives and girlfriends “forbidding” their men from starting TRTbecause of the “Things” that they’ve heard about hormone replacement. They’reafraid of what will happen to their husbands and boyfriends once they raisetheir testosterone levels. The fact is, the most common myths about TRT thatprevent people from getting the help that will undoubtedly improve their healthand quality of life. Here are a few of the more common misconceptions that wehear from patients who are apprehensive about starting TRT and the truth behindthese myths. If you want to look and feel better, have more focus and energy, increased sex drive and performance, then read more here and call NovaGenix at 561-277-8260 to schedule a consultation to learn how your life can improve with just one visit to our facility.

#1. Testosterone Makes Men Aggressiveand Violent.

Recent studies andnew scientific evidence refutes the popular preconception that testosteronewill cause aggressive, violent, egocentric, and risky behavior. Most peoplethink that men on TRT will become hyper-aggressive and violent and if you as awoman believe this to be true, then obviously you wouldn’t want to let apotential maniac into your house. However recent studies have shown that viewto be false. According to a recent study at the Universities of Zurich andRoyal Holloway London (Eisenegger et al. Prejudice and truth about theeffect of testosterone on human bargaining behaviourNature,2009) “The study's results contradict this view sharply. Test subjects with anartificially enhanced testosterone level generally made better, fairer offersthan those who received placebos, thus reducing the risk of a rejection oftheir offer to a minimum. "The preconception that testosterone only causesaggressive or egoistic behavior in humans is thus clearly refuted," sumsup Eisenegger.” As it turns out, most men who start TRT say that they feelbetter and that their moods have improved as a result. It’s important to note,that TRT is replacing testosterone to therapeutic levels that the body is nolonger capable of producing. This benefits a male greatly and has a tremendousimpact on  their overall health andhappiness. 

#2 Testosterone CausesProstate Cancer.

Most averagephysicians are convinced that TRT will lead to prostate growth and cancer. Theidea that one could get prostate cancer from starting TRT is certainly a validreason to avoid therapy at all costs. Most people have heard this story abouttestosterone causing prostate cancer in men. As it turns out, this too is notin fact true. Most of these misconceptions about TRT and cancer came about dueto faulty scientific studies from decades ago. More recent research has foundout that this there is no association between prostate cancer and TRT.  “At the May 2015American Urological AssociationAnnual Meeting, the results of a meta-analysis indicated that natural andprescription testosterone (bothendogenous and exogenous, respectively) do not cause prostate cancer or trigger increases in thelevels of prostate-specificantigen (PSA).Oct 10, 2016” (https://prostate.net/articles/testosterone-prostate-cancer-link)Not only does TRT NOT cause prostate cancer, it way actually help PREVENT it!Logically if higher levels of testosterone are responsible for prostate relatedhealth issues, why then do we not see 18-24 year olds (who typically have thehighest testosterone levels) have prostate issues? The confusion oftestosterone and the risk of prostate cancer is that the risk of developingcancer increases as men get older, which happens to be the same time men’snormal T levels begin to drop. There is a possible correlation between lowtestosterone levels and even potentially having too much estrogen—being afactor that can cause the risks to increase.

#3 My Balls Will Shrink

This is partiallytrue. Men who take steroids or JUST testosterone will stop producingtestosterone naturally as their body registers an increase in T levels. Thetestes stop making T on their own and within a month, the testicles will benoticeably smaller and softer. HOWEVER….If you are under the care of anexperienced physician with knowledge of TRT, they will hopefully prescribe HcGwhich when taken at the right dosage helps restore and maintain testosteroneproduction in the testes by mimicking LH and triggering the production andrelease of testosterone. This prevents the testes from shrinking and maintainsnatural testosterone production in men on TRT. For some guys, it’s all aboutthe symmetry! Here is a link with more info on testicular atrophy and TRT. (https://www.livestrong.com/article/222751-the-effects-of-testosterone-on-the-testis/)

#4. I’ll Grow ManBoobs.

Once again…Notentirely true. If you decide to take testosterone on your own without theguidance of a physician, or if you have an inexperienced doctor, you may beginto have an increase in estrogen levels. It’s possible that when a male's testosterone levels areespecially low in comparison to estrogen, or the body there is an increase inestrogen production as a response to testosteroneproduction, larger breasts could possibly develop. This condition iscalled gynecomastia and itmay appear because of estrogen production. Even the myth about testosteroneinduced “roid rage” is often an increase of estrogen which can cause “PMS” likesymptoms in a man. Once again, with an experienced doctor, you’ll have yourlevels tested and analyzed and an estrogen blocker prescribed to make sure thatyou’ll get the full benefits of TRT and none of the possible unwanted sideeffects like man boobs and roid rage. Read more about gynecomastia and TRT here (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14963480)

#5. I’ll Turn Into The Hulk

When you undergo TRT, you are replacing what your body is nolonger producing. Therapeutic

doses that are meant to keep you within the upperranges of normal T levels in men your age. 

As a result of TRT, a male canexpect to lose body fat and shed unwanted pounds. They’ll even put

on some leanmuscle mass bust rest be assured, you WILL NOT grow to gargantuan proportions! 

Typically, a person looking to gain muscle via steroids for performance enhancing reasons, they 

would take at least 600mg of testosterone a week. TRTprotocols for therapeutic purposes are legal 

and medically beneficial for thepatient and usually are at 210mg on the upper range of a prescription 

writtenby a doctor. How much muscle a man will put on depend on several factors, suchas age, 

genetics, lifestyle, diet, exercise routine etc… So the truth is that aman on TRT will put on SOME 

muscle and lose fat but they will NOT turn into Mr.Olympia. They’ll feel energized, and look and 

feel better but in regards tomuscle mass, they will not look freakishly large and bulky!

If you have any questions regarding testosterone replacement therapy, we’d love to hear them. We can schedule you a FREE consultation and let you sit down with our physician who has years of experience inbio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Call us today at 561-277-8260and schedule an appointment that can turn your life around and get you feeling and looking younger. 


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