PRP Therapy: How Can Your Own Blood Heal Your Injuries and Chronic Pain at NovaGenix in Jupiter, Fl.

December 14, 2017


Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Injections. What You Need To Know About This Amazing Procedure Being Used To Treat Injuries, Pain and Even Hair Loss and Facial Rejuvenation. 

prp or platelet rich plasma injections in Jupiter Florida at NovaGenix helps heal sports injuries


For those who don’t knowwhat PRP is, its short for Platelet Rich Plasma, an innovative an excitingbranch of sports medicine which allows an athlete to heal and recover from chronic pain and/or injuries of the tendons,muscles, ligaments, cartilage, nerves, and more. The treatment is a safe,non-surgical alternative that uses no drugs. With PRP injections, the patient’s own blood platelets are thehealing agent, making it not only safer but an optimal form of healing forathletes wishing to recover faster from ailments and injuries.

prp therapy injections in Palm Beach at NovaGenix in Jupiter for platelet injections

How does platelet-rich plausma (PRP) therapy work?

The idea behind PRP issimple, blood platelets help stop a cut from bleeding. But research has nowshown that platelets do more than just coagulate and stop blood flow; they alsorelease growth factors, which draw special regenerative cells (“progenitorcells”) to the site of the injury. Platelet-rich plasma therapy maximizes thisplatelet/progenitor cell relationship.

The physician will performa simple blood draw. The patient’s blood is then placed in a centrifuge thatseparates the platelets and plasma from the red blood cells. After around 15minutes, the platelet-rich plasma is removed from the centrifuge machine. Thephysician will then place a needle into the damaged area of your body thatrequires treatment, and inject the platelet-rich plasma into the injury site.The high concentration of platelets is loaded with growth factors, which expeditesthe healing and recovery process. This entire procedure is done in-office andtakes about an hour to complete. In some cases, a physician may even be able to go to yourgym and treat multiple patients’ onsite for a small additional fee. Theprocedure is that simple and safe that it can be performed almost anywhere.

After youreceive a PRP injection, you will be asked to return to for a follow-upappointment six to eight weeks later. Your sports medicine physician willevaluate your injury to see how effective PRP therapy has been. While somepatients may be fully or nearly recovered, most patients will return for two orthree more treatments. Injections are usually spaced eight to 12 weeks apart.Your physician will discuss the best treatment options for you. 

platelet rich plasma therapy in Jupiter at NovaGenix in Palm Beach County


What are the benefits of PRP injections? 

Platelet-rich plasma therapy provides several benefits. Athletesare typically especially interested in this treatment option, as it can helpspeed up the recovery process and get them competing and recovering faster.

1.       Naturalhealing. Your body provides everything that’s needed for itsown healing. PRP just help concentrate and speed up the process.

2.       Scar-free. PRPinjections leave behind no unsightly scars.

3.       Affordable. Comparedto the cost of surgery, PRP therapy is a way more affordable alternative.

4.       Fasterrecovery. Most patients will have motion the day following theprocedure. Inflammation tends to diminish within 10 to 14 days. Many athleteswill see significant improvement in four to eight weeks.

5.       Safe. PRPtherapy involves very few complications and risks. Plus, the entire procedureis done in-office on an outpatient basis or at your facility.


Platelet-richplasma therapy can be used to treat:

·        Ligament Injuries,including sprains, strains, and injuries to the MCL and LCL in the knee.

·        Tendon Injuries,including rotator cuff, Achilles tendon, Tennis/Golfer’s elbow,and patellar and quadriceps tendons.

·        Muscle injuries,including hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, biceps, and triceps.

·        Cartilage injuries,including osteoarthritis, meniscal tears, labral tears inthe shoulder and hip, and more.

·        Stress fractures, plantarfasciitis, turf toe, shin splints, and general patellofemoral (knee) pain maybe treated as well.

prp for face lifts in Jupiter Florida at NovaGenix in Palm Beach

Also, platelet rich plasma can be used also to improveskin texture, lines and wrinkles. By placing it into the deeper skin layerfibroblasts and other cells can be stimulated to a more youthful function.Areas under the eyes and in necks can show dramatic improvement. Lines likeabout upper lips can also improve. And the general texture and appearance ofthe skin will improve.

hair loss treatments in Jupiter at NovaGenix for hair restoration in PBC Florida

PRP can also be used to treat hair loss. With a thin needle, your ownPlatelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected into the scalp. Then the growth factorsin your blood cells do their job and hair growth is naturally stimulated. PRPHair Restoration is suitable for both men and women. It is a state of the art, non-surgical,totally natural, alternative medical procedure used for the treatment of hairloss or hair thinning. The active growth factors in PRP can promote hairgrowth. Helping to restore one’s confidence, the end result is a fuller,healthier looking head of hair.

Visit us at and call 561-277-8260 NOW to schedule a consultation with out medical director and staff to decide the best treatment options for you/ PRP is an innivative and exciting medical procedure that is safe, effective and non invasive, so you'll be IN and OUT in about an hour with no pain or scars afterwards.



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