PRP Therapy for Hair Loss. Hair Restoration Experts Discuss Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments For Thinning Hair.

October 24, 2017


PRP Is The Most Promising Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solution With Incredible Results And You Can Get Treated In Palm Beach County At NovaGenix

One of the newest andmost exciting hair loss treatments that is beginning to show promising resultsand gaining popularity is platelet rich plasma therapy. Drawing a PRP samplefrom the patients very own blood and then re-injecting the cells responsible forhealing and growing new tissue into the scalp is a method of promoting hairgrowth that is showing incredible success in patients.  By harnessing the body‘snatural growth factors and stem cells that are able to not just stop, but evencounteract hair loss, we have been able to help many men and women reverse theprocess of hair loss and balding.  

Many adults areembarrassed by their thinning hair. It makes them self-conscious and lookolder. This is a problem that affects not just men but women as well. With so many treatment options out there it can be difficult to decide onthe one that’s right for you.  Do you wantto start medication that you need to take forever and rub on your scalp?Medications that often have undesirable side effects? There’s otherprocedures you can try, where they take similar looking strands of hair to yourown and either glue or weave them into some of your existing hair, leaving anunnatural appearance. I’m sure you have seen the T.V. commercials where men andwomen spray hair out of a can onto their head. It looks good on studio but I’msure you’ve noticed what it actually looks like when these people go out inpublic! What about a very expensive surgical option where they cut a strip offlash from the back of your head and then re-implant clumps of hair into yourscalp, which is also painful and usually leaves a scar.  Or would you be willing to try PRP whichis relatively non-invasive, natural and painless treatment option that actuallyallows your hair to start re-growing? Nothing will produce morenatural looking results then your hair actually growing back. With the manybenefits of PRP and the advantages it has over the other procedures (which typicallyleave your hairline looking unnatural and uneven) it makes perfect sense as towhy so many men and women are turning to platelet rich plasma therapy as theirhair loss option. 

PRP hair losstreatments are ideal when it comes to treating male pattern baldness as well asfemale pattern hair loss.  If your goal is to achieve results that arenatural, and provide fuller thicker hair through the regeneration of your ownhair cells then PRP is worth considering. The science behind platelet richplasma is both complex and fascinating. To put it simply, humans have beenequipped with a cellular system for the repairing of injuries, damage tissueand replacing cells within our blood. Our blood contains a series of stem cellsthat can develop into several distinct types of tissue as needed, such asligaments, fat, skin, muscle and even hair follicles. Growth factors andcytokines contained in our plasma, promote growth, regeneration and healing. Itis why we have inflammation and redness when we get injured. Your body is tryingto push as many platelets and healing cells as possible into this area to promoteregrowth, repair and healing. 

At NovaGenix we separate your blood in acentrifuge and isolate the platelet rich plasma so that we can re-inject thecells in a higher concentration into the areas that require healing. This canbe done for many issues, such as sports injuries for example, to help healdamaged knees shoulders elbows necks etc... It also is highly effective forregenerating collagen cells in the face for men or women that are looking for anon-surgical alternative to face lifts. Kim Kardashian coined the term the “VampireFace Life” as she will often undergo the procedure to keep her skin lookingyoung and radiant.  However, in the case of hair loss when injected intothe scalp it can not only stop the process of hair follicles from shrinking(thinning out the hair) but even reverse the process to start growing thesecells back which creates thicker and fuller strands of hair.  

Basically, PRP can reignite hair follicles that were previously inactive and stimulatetheir ability to grow once again. Some patients are better candidates for PRPfor hair loss than others. Studies suggest that people who are just beginningto show signs of thinning hair may benefit better than an individual who hasbeen bald for a significant amount of time. That’s why coming in for PRPconsultation at NovaGenix is the best first step. We encourage you to come inand speak to our physician for an honest and informative Q&A where he willbe able to address your concerns, answer all of your questions and help you todecide whether or not platelet rich plasma therapy for hair loss would work foryou. 

The process ofundergoing PRP therapy for hair loss is simple, affordable and painless. Afteryour initial consultation we will prescribe a series of pharmaceutical gradevitamins and probiotics which have been clinically proven to help with theprocess of preventing further hair loss and stimulating blood flow and nutrientdistribution to the scalp and hair follicles.  We will then draw a smallportion of blood from the patient and then separate the PRP from the blood inthe centrifuge at our office while you wait. The process takes between 30 and45 minutes to prepare. Our physician will then prepare your scalp by applying atopical antiseptic as well as a mild numbing agent to alleviate any discomfort. Most patients report next to no discomfort or pain as the physicians usea very thin needle for the injections.  The typical protocol would be fora patient to receive 2 to 3 sessions of PRP over a six-month period to achievemaximum results. Results will begin to be seen by the patient after severalmonths and it’s recommended that further treatments be conducted periodicallyto maintain hair growth.

For the patients that haveundergone PRP for hair loss and have seen success, their testimonials speakvolumes as to the effectiveness of this procedure. If thinning hair is aconcern to you and you wish to look into doing something about it, then wewould welcome you to give us a call at 561-277-8260 and speak to the experts atNovaGenix.orgThereality is the longer you wait the more hair you will lose, so time isdefinitely not on your side... fortunately for you though, we are. Wewould love to help. Don’t wait any longer and pick up the phone and reach outto us today or email us at can also check out for more information about PRP.

Sigman Discussing PRP and how he first starting using the procedure to treat patients


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