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April 25, 2022


What is platelet rich plasma therapy?

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PRP, blood, plasma injections in Jupiter, Florida at NovaGenix[/caption]Human blood consists of several cellular components such as red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBC’s) and platelets. The liquid component is known as plasma.By isolating plasma we are able to concentrate the platelets which play an important role in biological processes such as healing wounds by clotting blood and repairing torn/damaged cells. They also contain growth factors which are special proteins that assist our body in repairing damaged tissue with healing. PRP or as it’s also known, platelet rich plasma therapy is when a medical provider can extract the plasma and concentrate the platelets from a sample of a patient’s blood.  A typical patient’s blood sample would contain between 150 and 300,000 platelets per microliter, which is approximately 6% platelets.  With PRP, we can concentrate the number of platelets in a given volume to many times greater and by using specialized blood concentrating kits in our clinic office, we can generate Plasma samples that contain 1.8 million platelets per microliter, making it a true platelet rich plasma.Simply put, platelet rich plasma is blood that contains more platelets the natural and contains few to no red blood cells.  These higher concentrations of platelets, cytokines and growth factors in the PRP allow the body to provide a greater healing rate after an injection as when compared to normal blood and synovial fluid found in the area of an injury that has a lower concentration of these regenerative cells. At NovaGenix, we have been performing PRP for close to a decade near West Palm Beach, Florida at our Jupiter, Florida Clinic.

When should PRP be done?

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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in Jupiter, Florida near West Palm Beach[/caption]Depending on what type of platelet rich plasma therapy you are receiving, such as orthopedic versus PRP for hair loss, there are several factors to consider.  Patients who have suffered trauma to areas like the knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles, hips can all investigate plasma therapy as a safe, affordable and non-surgical intervention. PRP is gaining popularity because of its effectiveness as there are now mountains of scientific studies and research to back PRP as an effective treatment and alternative to having surgery in some cases.At NovaGenix we offer orthopedic platelet rich plasma injections for patients with knee pain so condition like tennis elbow. PRP treatments have been shown to support wound healing and trauma and with joint injuries. The results of plasma injections are most noticeable a few weeks after the procedure for joint injections and up to six months after PRP hair loss injections in the scalp. Platelet rich plasma therapy injections are safe and effective because they are using the patient’s own blood and can be administered as a monotherapy or could also be used together with other procedures. PRP is useful for many orthopedic conditions like muscular, tendon and ligament injuries, arthritis and more. There are many studies showing PRP being used to help with pain, range of motion, inflammation, promote rapid healing and in some cases even illuminate the immediate need for surgical intervention and even joint replacement.

What is a PRP Injection?

When you come into the clinic for PRP, you can expect the process to be simple and relatively painless. The doctor will draw a small amount of blood necessary to obtain the PRP Sample.  The medical team will use a specialized centrifuge and PRP kits to spin the blood down and separate it into its main components based on differences in Cell Density.  The heavier and denser red blood cells will be drawn to the bottom of the sample, and we extract the plasma and transfer it into a secondary tube to concentrate the platelets further. After spinning this plasma, we remove the unwanted portion which is known as platelet poor plasma and are left with a smaller volume yet highly concentrated sample of PRP. This will then be injected into a patient’s knee, shoulder, elbow or other area which may benefit from these regenerative cells. Many people get PRP injections in their face to help rejuvenate collagen or in their scalp to treat hair loss.[caption id="attachment_1708" align="alignnone" width="300"]

PRP injections for Knee Pain at NovaGenix near WPB, Florida in Jupiter.[/caption]

Who Does PRP?

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NovaGenix PRP 5 star reviews on GooGle[/caption]There are many physicians that claim to perform PRP yet when you look at the procedures and techniques as well as the equipment they use, you question whether they are actually performing what they claim. Utilizing state of the art equipment, we can ensure the best quality PRP samples with the highest concentrations of platelets.We have everyone from amateur to professional athletes, young men and women to senior citizens looking to heal injuries, chronic health conditions or who just want to look better with aesthetic treatments. PRP can treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal and tendon related issues such as arthritis, tendinitis, tears, inflammation, trauma and more. There are many indications for who should get PRP.

Some conditions treated by PRP:

  • Lateral Epicondylitis

·      Patellar Tendinopathy

·      Achilles Tendinopathy

·      Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

·      Plantar Fasciitis

·      Osteoarthritis

·      Osteoarthritis of the Knee

·      Osteoarthritis of the Hip

·       Muscle Injuries

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PRP therapy for sports injuries and knee pain at NovaGenix. Palm Beach County regenerative medicine experts[/caption]

How much does PRP cost

The cost of platelet Rich plasma therapy can very depending on the number of injections, the volume of PRP and the type of PRP therapy you are receiving.  PRP injections are gaining popularity for a variety of conditions from things like hair loss to sports injuries to arthritis. Like many things you will find some deals online which will seem too good to be true and they most likely are. Some places may seem excessively overpriced. When searching for PRP clinic go online to read some Google reviews about the doctor and give them a call to see if they will tell you how much PRP costs over the phone. If they’re unwilling to give you a ballpark range based on the specific medical treatment you’re looking for, you may want to continue searching. Remember when looking for PRP, the cost of plasma injections will include the physician, medical assistants, equipment used, blood processing kits, and more.

If you would like to learn about PRP

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