How to Mix HCG for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

January 12, 2022



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HCG mixing for Testosterone Therapy[/caption]Are you trying to mix a vial of powdered hCG for testosterone replacement therapy? There are recommended instructions on how to mix Human Chorionic Gonadotropin injections usually included in your prescription from the pharmacy so make sure to read carefully and follow those directions and refer to your Doctor’s and Pharmacy’s mixing and dosing instructions.  Some instructions may differ from these that we have listed below, as your physician/pharmacy may use a different mixing ration or prescription. Always call your pharmacy or physician/clinic for clarification.Interested in seeing if you may qualify for being treated with HCG? Not only does NovaGenix offer affordable packages on TRT, but NovaGenix physician Dr. Mackey and the rest of the team are committed to providing the best patient care possible. With close to 20 years of experience, the NovaGenix team offers individualized programs and personalized attention. For patients looking to start Hormone replacement therapy, call NovaGenix at 561-277-8260 or visit us online at www.NovaGenix.orgWe offer online telemedicine consultations making treatment affordable, effective and convenient.  Click here to fill out our new patient intake form. Once received, we’ll reach out to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Mackey.Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is a naturally occurring hormone that is FDA approved for use in male patients to help maintain fertility as well as testicular and penis size. It can also help improve cognitive functioning, and increases libido in patients who are on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). It is a safe and efficacious alternative or adjunct to TRT for men who would like to preserve fertility during treating for Low T, or hypogonadism. hCG may also be used to restore spermatogenesis in m hypogonadal hypogonadism or steroid induced impairment of spermatogenesis. (Indications for the use of human chorionic gonadotropic hormone for the management of infertility in hypogonadal men John Alden Lee and Ranjith Ramasamy)Typically, your prescription will contain an 11,000iu vial of hCG in a powder form, which keeps it stable and prolongs its effectiveness. It is a fragile compound so just swirl the water and powder when mixing it after adding the sterile bacteriostatic water provided by the pharmacy and don’t shake it. After mixing, keep it stored in the refrigerator and out of direct sunlight, to maintain maximum potency and effectiveness.[caption id="attachment_1468" align="alignnone" width="280"]

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HCG [11,000 IU VIAL]

  • Take the HCG out of the box and remove the top seal from the vial and discard the plastic cap and wipe the now exposed circular rubber top with an alcohol swab. Always do this each time to puncture the vial with a needle. You also must remember to wipe the area on your body with an alcohol swab that you’re about to inject to help prevent infection.
  • Now get the bottle of Bacteriostatic Sodium Chloride provided by the pharmacy and remove the cap from the top of the bottle and wipe the top with alcohol swab.
  • Take the mixing syringe with needle and make sure that the needle provided is screwed on to the syringe making a tight fit, turn the bottle of water upside down and insert needle into the center of the rubber stopper. Draw up 5.5 ml of the water (Bacteriostatic Sodium Chloride 0.9%).
  • (Note: If mixing at a ratio of 1000iu:1ml the 10ml/cc mixing syringe will need to be filled more than once to transfer all the fluid into the powder in any vial of hcg that’s more than 10,000 iu’s.)
  • Insert needle into hCG vial (alcohol wiped) and inject water slowly into hCG powder. You may have noticed that the bottle sucked/pulled the water out of the syringe on its own without you pushing down on the plunger. This is because most vials of hcg are vacuum sealed and the negative pressure inside the glass bottle can make it difficult to draw the medicine back out through a 30g insulin syringe. To make drawing the hcg out of the vial easier after mixing, you can pressurize the vial by injecting air into it until you feel slight resistance. This will make drawing the hcg into the insulin needle much easier as the increased pressure will help push the medication OUT of the vial into the insulin syringe.
  • Gently tilt the bottle back and forth to make sure all the hcg powder is dissolved and solution is clear.  do NOT shake the vial as it is a more fragile compound, and should be treated with care.
  • Discard any water left from the original water vial and refrigerate the hCG after reconstitution. Leaving the hcg out of the refrigerator may hasten the medicine losing potency.
  • Your doctor will decide the dose and frequency that you will be using hCG which will be provided, however if you mix an 11,000iu vial of HCg with 5,5ml’s of bacteriostatic water, each 500iu injection would measure 25units on the insulin syringe, (or 0.25mls.)
  • You may continue to use this mixture for up to10 weeks, but remember to keep it REFRIGERATED after mixing and always wipe down the top of the vial with an alcohol swab prior to each use/injection.

Dosing Protocol - HCG [11,000 IU VIAL]: (ask your physician for YOUR specific prescription and dose)

Note: you should always wipe the top of your vial before puncturing the needle as well as the area on your body that you’ll be injecting to reduce possible infection. Using your insulin syringes you should draw as follows according to your dose. NEVER reuse syringes and make sure to properly dispose of them.Units on the 1cc insulin syringe:for 500iu = 25u on syringe or 0.25mlfor 1000iu = 50u on syringe or 0.5mlfor 1500iu = 75u on syringe or 0.75mlPlease note: your physician may have provided different instructions. Please follow your physician's mixing and dosing instructions if they differ from the ones we have listed above.[caption id="attachment_1580" align="alignnone" width="300"]

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This subsequent lab panel is necessary for males undergoing Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) through NovaGenix Health and Wellness. It allows physicians to assess the patient's response to prescribed medications, covering sex hormone levels, thyroid function, adrenal health, hematocrit, and liver and kidney function. The panel includes tests such as:

  • Complete Blood Count
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • Testosterone (Free and Total)
  • Estradiol Sensitive
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  • Prostate Specific Antigen

Each test serves a specific purpose in monitoring overall health and treatment effectiveness. When required, Dr Mackey may require LH and FSH (Luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone) SHBG (Sex hormone binding globulin) or any other tests which may be important for your health and optimizing your hormones.

The Comprehensive Hormone and Wellness Panel for Women offers a foundational assessment of sex hormones, thyroid function, adrenal health, metabolic activity, and overall well-being. This panel serves as a diagnostic tool for identifying testosterone and estrogen deficiencies, assessing health risks, and detecting potential thyroid issues before considering hormone replacement therapy. Additionally, it includes insights into hematocrit (red blood cell volume), as well as liver and kidney function. The panel encompasses various tests such as:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Complete Metabolic Panel
  • Testosterone (free and total)
  • Estradiol
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
  • Progesterone

When indicated, Dr. Mackey may require additional tests such as Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), and IGF-1 and Cortisol.

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