How To Heal Faster From Athletic Injuries With PRP Therapy at NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida

December 26, 2017


How To Heal Faster With PRP From Athletic Injuries

PRP for SportsInjuries at NovaGenix.

Athletes havetraditionally had a higher rate of ligament and tendon injuries than most individualsdue to the nature of their given activities. Whether it’s a tear to a knee orshoulder or strain to an ankle, hamstring or back, its extremely common to seeyoung men and women undergoing surgical procedures to repair damage to theirbodies. The recent increase in participation in training of MMA and othercombat sports, such as jiu-jitsu, and boxing has led to a greater number ofsports related injuries in participants. These are individuals who might nottypically have another competitive athletic outlet other than your average gymmembership or pickup game in the park. What we’ve seen is an increase ininjuries suffered as a result of overtraining, falls, contact and impact.Regardless of the sport or activity a person participates in, there is a verygood chance that they’ll see one type of injury if the train long enough.

Lately, there hasbeen much discussion about the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) technique and itshuge potential for effectively treating sports or work related injuries.Several famous MMA athletes — Michael Bisping, Daniel Cormier, Jose Aldo andmany others — have undergone PRP for various injuries and conditions, likesprained knees and chronic tendon injuries. Where in the past, these havetypically been treated with medications, PT, or on many occasions, surgery,today doctors are more often than not, turning to PRP as an alternative or anaddition to their treatment options.

What Is Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)?

Blood is mostlymade up of plasma, red cells, white cells, and platelets –which are mostfamously known for their role in clotting blood. Platelets also contain growthfactor proteins which regulate the growth of cells as well as their division,and help repair injuries. PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) is plasma with a greaterconcentration of platelets — and, as a result, concentration of growth factors.This will cause the injured area, which has been introduced with PRP to heal ata much faster rate.

To receive PRP,blood is drawn from a patient and then the platelets are separated from otherblood cells by centrifugation, or spinning. They are then mixed with thepatient’s own blood sample until a platelet concentration well above baselineis attained.

How Does PRP Work?

Theinflamed/injured area/tissue can be directly injected with the PRP, alongside,thus improving the healing by treating the injured area with PRP to promote healing of injured tendons,ligaments, muscles, and joints. Basically, it can be applied to variousmusculoskeletal problems.

WhatConditions are Treated with PRP?

PRP is mostly usedin the treatment of Chronic Tendon Injuries, Acute Ligament and MuscleInjuries, Surgery, Knee Arthritis, or Fractures. It has also shown to beexcellent for hair restoration, ED, non-surgical facial rejuvenation and evenosteoarthritis.

PRP Treatmentholds great promise and has actually has quite a few success stories, not justin MMA but other mainstream sports as well. PGA golfer Tiger Woods and MLBpitcher Steven Strausbaurg are two such examples.Side effects of PRP injections are almost nonexistent as the patient is usingtheir own blood, which should cause no reaction. Some rest is neededimmediately following the procedure for a day or so, and then typicallyfollowed by a stretching and strengthening. The results are rapidand many athletes are back to training in a day or so with positive results. Asalways, follow your physician’s advice.

If you are consideringPRP and want to discuss your options with our medical staff, please call 561-277-8260 for more information on this amazing treatment. We can even sendour team to your gym or facility to treat your athletes on their schedule. Weunderstand how disruptive injuries are for a team and competitors so we canhelp keep you in top physical shape. Email us at or call us today!


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