Golf Injuries and How PRP can Help at NovaGenix

February 26, 2018


Golfers can seek medical treatment with PRP and Stem Cell therapy at NovaGenix, in Jupiter, Florida 

Golfer's elbow, back pain, shoulder injuries and more can be treated with Platelet Rich Plasma injections in Palm Beach County.

PRP for Golfer's is becoming more and more popular with PGA players and amateurs alike.

Back Pain from golf can stop a player, but platelet rich plasma at NovaGenix in Jupiter, can help treat back pain

Jupiter, Florida is know for golf, so it should be no surprise that it's also know for golf injuries. NovaGenix offers Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for golfers so hat they can heal their golf related injuries faster. Stem cell therapy and PRP injections in Palm Beach County at NovaGenix has helped many athletes, professional, collegiate and amateur regain their range ability to train and compete. So the first question is "What is PRP?"

platelet rich plasma at NovaGenix in Jupiter can assist in speeding up recovery time for golfers in Palm Beach, Florida

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

PRP is a therapy where a patient comes into NovaGenix and we draw a small portion of their blood. Contained in the blood are the cellular components, like red and white blood cells, platelet and plasma. The platelets, which most people know are responsible for allowing blood to clot also will release growth factors, when the encounter damaged tissues. They attract stem cells and begin the process of repairing this damaged tissue. So when we take your blood and spin it to separate the blood, we can extract the platelets in a greater than normal concentration, which when injected into an injured area, will begin the process of cellular repair at an accelerated rate. The results are pretty remarkable, as we have seen golfers, tennis players, baseball players and pro fighters all come in with significant injuries, to have them recover and get back to doing what they love.

novagenix platele rich plasma injections help golfers repair damaged tissue and heal from golf related sports injuries in Jupiter, Florida

What golf injuries does PRP help?

Platelet rich plasma can help treat and repair injuries that many golfers seem to get when playing a  few rounds. Whether its from driving a golf ball off the tee on the 1st green, or carrying a bag full of irons for 18 holes, there is a significant amount of strain placed on the body. The twisting morin on a golf swing can cause serious damage to the lower and upper back as well as the shoulders and knees. At NovaGenix, we've seen golfers come in to treat ACL and MCL tears in their knees. PRP knee injections for golfers can help them recover faster and reduce the pain that they feel. Meniscus damage and patella injuries can also be treated effectively with plasma injections. Arthritis and osteoarthritis are also helped with PRP, and these are quite common in golfers. Golfer's elbow and tennis elbow are also conditions that golfer's sustain from repetitive use. We've helped many patients recover and feel better after PRP therapy, and this includes shoulder damage in the rotator cuff and labrum tears as well. The other injury that many golfers seem to get fairly often is back pain. Back pain from golf swings seems to cause lower back injuries that can be debilitating. We have the ability to treat upper back pain, in between the scapula or even sciatic pain that many golfers get and are unfortunately sidelined by. If you have any of these injuries, or more, including wrist, ankle, neck or hip, then we can help.

golfers with back injuries and knee pain getprp in palm beach at novagenix. Jupiter's best PRP doctors

NovaGenix Stem Cell and PRP Injections

With over 20 years experience in medicine, our medical team and physician can help treat patients with a variety of conditions. We also offer PRP for cosmetic procedures like hair loss treatments and facial rejuvenation as well, so PRP has multiple uses, and we are the most experienced medical team in treating athletes with sports injuries with Platelet Rich Plasma injections therapy. Come visit us in Jupiter, at 609 N. Hepburn Ave. Jupiter, FL 33458 Call us first to make sure we're there at 561-277-8260 and email us at

platelet rich plasma therapy for golf and tennis in Jupiter, at NovaGenix helps heal sports injuries on the course and courts.

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