Does Fat Increase Testosterone Levels?

October 14, 2016


  Fat and Testosterone Levels.   

     If you are like many men, your T-levels are declining byapproximately 1% per year. This isn’t as much of a problem from the age of25-35, but there is a rather noticeable effect as we get closer to 40. Lowerenergy levels, increases in body fat, brain fog and lowered sex drive to name afew of the unfortunate effects of aging. For those of us looking to optimizeour natural T levels, there are many things that can be done. One can look tonutritional supplements, like those found at your local GNC for T boosters,which may or may not work. The fact is, depending on your actual levels (yes,ACTUAL) you may need look no farther than your refrigerator.

     If you think that your Testosterone levels are low, go get tested.Go to a doctor. Get your blood drawn and find out your actual hormonal levels. It’sthe only way to know for sure. You may be within normal ranges with your Tlevels but there may be other underlying issues. There is only one way to knowfor sure. If your testosterone ranges are lower and your physician suggeststhat you may benefit from replacement therapy, there are many customized plansthat may offer immediate results. However if your levels do not warrant TRT,then a few simple changes to your diet may pay dividends. Speak to yourphysician about what your goals are and have them guide you through a fewsimple changes and see whether or not, they feel you would benefit from a fewdietary modifications. As always, seek and take your doctor’s advice.

     Look into foods that help promote T production. It was nottoo long ago that consuming fat was considered a bad thing. It was potentiallya killer. Much research has been done and it is now generally thought thatmoderate amounts of fat is actually beneficial for the body. This is especiallytrue when it comes to testosterone production. When optimizing naturalproduction of testosterone, it is important to consume dietary fats.  There is a limit though. Too much fat hasnegative consequences on raising cholesterol, causing obesity and increasingrisks for heart attack.

There is an important role in the ration of fats youconsume. Some types of fats are better than others as it has actually beenshown that some fats will actually LOWER your T-levels.


      The 3 different fatsyou’ll want to focus on are Monounsaturated fatty acids, Polyunsaturated fattyacids and Saturated fatty acids. Studies have shown that diets high monounsaturatedand saturated fats can dramatically increase the T levels in men. Levels weretested prior to exercising in health adult males. The study also showed that therewas a direct correlation between dietary fat intake with mixed fat types and Tlevels. Higher fat meant higher T levels. Conversely, vegetarians who did notconsume diets high in mixed fats had lower T levels. A simple increase in fatby just 10% can cause an increase in testosterone levels as well as a decreasein SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) which binds to testosterone and takes itout of circulation, so to speak. It’s recommended by many experts that a dietof approximately 35-40% saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids will produceoptimal T levels.

      What about Polyunsaturated fats, though? What do they do?Well as it turns out, diets high in Polyunsaturated fatty acids will actually causeLOWER production of testosterone. Those are typically plant based oils likesoy, corn, grapeseed and sunflower as well as most creamy salad dressings.Instead try to eat more fools like beef, pork, poultry (with skin) cheese andolive oil.  Stay tuned as we will put outanother blog on T production and health fats and how the body physicallyproduces hormones.

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