Do PRP injections really work? NovaGenix can help answer your questions about Platelet Rich Plasma

June 5, 2018


Do PRP injections really work?

How utilizing your own blood cells can be a treatment for arthritis, muscle strains, tendinopathy, ligament tears and more. 

To answer the question whether or not platelet-rich plasma actually works, one needs to understand the idea behind PRP. By taking your own blood and concentrating just the cells that are responsible for healing the damaged cells and tissue we are able to increase the rate at which the body can actually repair itself. Often with chronic injuries that don’t seem to go away, we are constantly re-injuring and damaging those cells at a rate that’s faster than the body can actually heal. It’s a one step forward two steps back kind of process. By elevating the volume and percentage of platelets in a sample of PRP and then injecting it into the site of injury, we can increase the rate at which the body is able to regenerate the damaged/troubled cells. By stimulating the area that’s otherwise failing, we can potentially help with injuries like tendinitis and arthritis and other acute injuries so that pain is alleviated, mobility restored, and patients can return to a normal lifestyle after having suffered from a lengthy period of time with these chronic conditions an injuries. 

PRP has become extremely popular recently for multiple reasons. Two of the biggest reasons is that for one, people wish to avoid surgery and PRP injections are an excellent nonsurgical minimally invasive alternative. Surgeries are expensive and often have lengthy time frames in regards to healing, recovery and physical therapy. 

Secondly, PRP actually does work. Having performed thousands of injections, we can tell you the success rate is extraordinary. It just makes sense. Your body heals from the inside out, so we concentrate the growth factors and cytokines which are responsible for this healing process and we increase them in total volume and concentration so that they can do their work faster and more efficiently. The results that we have seen have been phenomenal. Where is there is still much research being done, we can tell you that on the front lines we have seen PRP work for a variety of tendons, ligament and musculature injuries as well as with nerve and tissue damage. 

Why does PRP work?

Platelets, as many people know, are the major clotting factors in our blood and they have some very interesting and beneficial properties making them perfect for helping accelerate the process of healing. Platelet’s play a vital role in tissue repair and regeneration particularly when they regulate Cellular migration as well as proliferation and angiogenesis. Platelets are attracted to areas where cellular and tissue damage has occurred and they begin to release several growth factors which are responsible for coordinating the healing process to begin inside the human body. Bathing the area with a tremendous volume of nutrient-rich PRP via a simple injection, we are able to stimulate the body to heal naturally. Platelets are natural anti-inflammatories so it will help reduce inflammation and patients which is an additional benefit for those suffering from conditions like tendinitis, arthritis, and osteoarthritis. PRP has even been used for facial rejuvenation and PRP for hair loss successfully. 

One of the largest problems with PRP becoming a mainstream therapy is that there are so many different ways to prepare a sample that this lack of standardization has been slowing down the forward progress of PRP becoming more universal. We can tell you that if you go to five different clinics offering therapy you will probably see five different ways in which PRP is being prepared. This is it precisely the reason why it’s so important to seek medical care and treatment from an experienced clinic such as NovaGenix. We utilize state of the art equipment specifically designed to maximize the concentration of platelets in a sample. By using the latest techniques with the best equipment on the market, we can guarantee concentrations much greater above baseline than other practitioners and have the evidence to support it. Studies have been done showing platelet concentrations and we’re confident to say that we are able to harvest billions of cells. 

With so many clinics and medical providers beginning to offer PRP, how do you know which one to choose? When it comes to your health it’s probably not in your best interest to go with the cheapest solution. You don’t always have to pick the most expensive option, but typically if most places charge between $500 to $2,000 for PRP (based on national averages) I would be wary of someone offering the treatment for 300. Where PRP is certainly less expensive than surgery, there are still cost involved in doing it the right way. The equipment in commercial PRP kits used to harvest the platelets are not cheap and are necessary to extract the highest quantity and quality of regenerative cells that a patient would want and need. The experience of the physician is also important as there are several nuances involved in regenerative medicine in PRP injections that are learned over time and with experience.  At NovaGenix we have helped hundreds of patients recover with PRP and have one of the most highly trained, educated and qualified teams in the area. Feel free to call us for a FREE consultation to learn more about Platelet Rich Plasma and how PRP can help you improve the way you live your life without pain without having to have surgery.

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