Could PRP Be The Answer To Your Hair Loss?

May 12, 2018


Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration Treatment in Palm Beach County at NovaGenix Could Help Reverse Balding For Men and Women.

In the past several years there’s been an increased interest in platelet rich plasmaotherwise known as PRP therapy for treating hair loss. As more doctors and patients are beginning to learn about this treatment option which has been proven to be both viable and less invasive as an option to help stimulate the follicles in our scalps to both enhance and improve hair regrowth in men and women.What exactly is PRP? PRP is a regenerative therapy that is natural and free from side effects and is being used in multiple areas of medicine today. It’s used for orthopedic repair and regeneration and sports medicine as well as cosmetic procedures like plastic surgery and facial rejuvenation as well as treating damage nerves, bone and other damaged tissue. It’s also now being widely used for treating hair loss due to the success rate in patients.PRP was first used as a way to help regenerate and repair nerve, tissue and bone that had been damaged but now more and more physicians see it as the preferred method to stimulate cellular growth for androgenic alopecia. It’s a safe and effective way to help restart the hair follicles that have been weekend or are dying and can even start to actually produce new growth.

PRP as a treatment works quite simply. We start by taking a sample of your own blood and processing it to concentrate the platelets. By using a micro needle to inject the platelets into the scalp we can help improve the ability of the follicles to regrow hair. We use state of the art medical equipment to concentrate and blood concentrating devices to prepare the blood samples so that we have the highest quality PRP available for our patients. We are able to concentrate 12 to 16 times the normal number of platelets that would be found in the average sample of blood. We use techniques to activate the PRP to help release the growth factors that have phenomenal affects on the hair follicles and skin. These growth factorsand cytokines and other proteins are injected back in to the scalp where the weak hair follicles will be targeted by the regenerative cells, and the process begins.The entire procedure takes less than an hour and the patients will be able to resume normal activities immediately with no downtime. The best patients are ones that have just started to notice hair thinning, or patients with alopecia areata. Some patients may not be good candidates which is why we suggest scheduling an appointment with NovaGenix to see if PRP may be a benefit for your hair loss. We can even help treat patets with Stem Cells as well for increased effectiveness. PRP is typically going to be more effective if it’s started prior to the hair follicles being miniaturized and depleted to the point of no return. If a patient has been bald for 30 years, it’s probably not a reasonable assumption that PRP would be an appropriate solution. For most patients though PRP is going to be an outstanding solution that is non-surgical, minimally invasive and affordable.

Learn more about PRP visit us at and give us a call at 561-277-8260 to learn how we can help you look and feel more confident with a fuller, thicker head of hair with PRP treatments at our office with locations in Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale.  If you're looking for "PRP near me", then give us a call today!


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