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December 21, 2016


5 Ways to Boost Your Testosterone Levels  

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Testosteroneis the hormone that men produce which controls male physical features. Women have testosterone too, but in much smaller amounts than in men. The benefits ofhaving optimal levels is overwhelmingly positive. Improved mood, increasedenergy, more lean muscle mass and less body fat are just a few benefits thatone would see when their levels are “normalized” As humans we are all unique sowe judge what is normal based on T levels falling within a certain range. 

Manyfactors contribute to how or why one one particular individuals levels mayvary. The brain and pituitary gland, a small gland at the base of the brain controlproduction of testosterone by the testes. From there, testosterone movesthrough your blood to do its work. Interestingly, testosterone levels changefrom hour to hour. They tend to be highest in the morning and lowest at night. Testosteronelevels are highest in men around the ages of 20 to 30 and slowly decline afterage 30 to 35 by 1% to 2% annually.

For variousreasons, testosterone levels in a male can become, and remain too low. Lessfrequently, testosterone levels can become too high.  When T levels are notin balance, health problems can result. If you are experiencing any symptoms oflow T, you can easily get your levels checked and determine if there is anunderlying cause. Fortunately there are options available and you can gettreatment to fix hormone problems.

Here are 5ways that you can help to boost your natural testosterone levels to reach your optimal levels and live and feel better.

Exercise and Strength Training (WeightLifting)

low t therapy in Jupiter at NovaGenix can help men raise hormone levels in Palm Beach County with TRT

One of the best ways to remain in good healthand to prevent several lifestyle related diseases is to exercise regularly. Studieshave proven that it can also boost your testosterone levels.

A recent study by the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that men who exerciseregularly have higher testosterone levels. In older males, exercise increasestestosterone levels, overall fitness, reaction time and quality of life aswell.  

A separate study in Japan found that increasedenergy in obese men had a greater effect on increasing testosterone than aweight loss diet. Where losing weight is certainly beneficial, the bodyproduces more testosterone as a reaction to a strength and conditioning programused for the same purposes. Resistance training is key for both short and longterm T boosting.

Consume Protein, Fat and Carbs 

proteins and carbs and cholesterol raise testosterone and help synthesize hormones in the testes with help from leydig cells

Yourdiet is a huge factor when it comes to the impact on testosterone as well asother hormones in the body.

It’sextremely important to monitor your long-term caloricintake and diet. Fluctuation andrandom dieting or fasting may have a detrimental effect on your overall hormonebalance and production. Eat the proper amounts of both protein and healthy fatto ensure that your body can produce the proper amounts of testosterone andother hormones.

Carbohydrateintake also plays a role, with research showing that carbs help with optimizingT levels when exercising and resistance training. The body needs proper nutrientand energy stores to exercise effectively and limit cortisol production. A lowcard diet may limit the energy levels that are available to the body anddeplete fat as an alternative energy source. Fat is essential in T productionso this may begin to cause a reduction with the body in being able to producetestosterone.

In short, don’t overeat orrestrict calories too much for too long. Maintain a health balanced diet andyour T levels will rise.

Reduce Stress and Cortisol

cortisol increases cause a decrease in testosterone levels in men with low T at NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida

Long-termstress is a killer. It elevates levels of the hormone cortisol which absolutelylowers Testosterone levels in the body. Unnatural raises in cortisol levels canquickly deplete testosterone levels in men. These hormones are in a constantbalancing act. When one rises, the other is reduced. Stress and high cortisolcan often lead to weight gain and the storage of unwanted excess fat around your organsand midsection (belly fat).  

This often acceleratesthe decline in T levels. For both optimal health and hormone levels, you shouldtry to reduce sources of stress in your life. Live, love and laugh… Take an evaluationof what causes you to be happy and what causes stress and you will find thatthis will help optimize your T levels and improve your overall health andquality of life.

Vitamin D and Sunshine

raise testosterone levels in Jupiter, Florida with vitamin D at NovaGenix

VitaminD is now becoming more recognized for its importance in the overall health ofhumans. Research has shown that it has various health benefits, and may alsoworks as a natural testosterone booster. Even though it’s now known to be avital micronutrient, close to 50% of the United States is deficient in vitaminD, with another major percentage having subprime levels of vitamin D. 

The departmentof Internal Medicine, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism at the MedicalUniversity of Graz, Austria conducted a study that showed when men increasedtheir vitamin D levels to 3,000 iu of vitamin D per day that their testosteronelevels increased by 25%. Taking vitamin D supplements and getting some sunlightcan dramatically improve your testosterone levels.  


raise testosterone in men with Low T at NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida

Properamounts of sleep is equally as important for your overall health as diet andexercise is. Studies have also suggested that it may dramatically impact yourbody’s ability to produce testosterone. The right amount of sleep will varyfrom one person to the next, however research has shown people who sleep just 5hours per night to have a 15% reduction in their testosterone levels. 

Separate studiesin both Europe and Asia came to the same conclusion, that more quality sleepequals more quality testosterone. In order to maintain overall health andhormonal balance, its suggested that anywhere from 7-10 hours would be most beneficial.

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