Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens

For men wanting to start TRT, Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens at NovaGenix can provide an all inclusive and affordable option from experts in the field of HRT. Testosterone and natural HGH levels slowly drop as men get older. Low Testosterone starts to decline when men are in their mid 20’s and drop by 1 to 2 percent each year. Some of the signs of low T are weight gain, diminished sex drive, difficulty achieving and maintaining erections, loss of muscle tone, irritability and mood swings, lack of energy and fatigue, insomnia and poor sleep quality, depression and lack of confidence. For many men suffering from low T, or Andropause (Low testosterone is also called male menopause), they may be starting to notice frequent problems in the bedroom of issues with erectile dysfunction. Having a hormonal imbalance is not something that men are prepared to treat, but there is help with being able to boost T levels. If you want to raise your testosterone, we can help.

What symptoms prompt men to seek help for low testosterone? Often, we have men who come in to our clinic because they need help and treating erectile dysfunction issues. During their consultation and exam, our physician will ask them questions relating to their energy levels, lifestyle and libido. After performing a simple A.D.A.M. test, we typically can see a correlation between their symptoms and low testosterone levels. The fortunate news is that its easy to test, diagnose and treat low T.

Symptoms of low testosterone

  • Diminished libido
  • Erectile dysfunction (which doesn’t respond to traditional ED medication)
  • Low energy levels and fatigue
  • Increased recovery time after physical exertion
  • Weak bones
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Weight gain
  • Increased body fat
  • Poor sleep quality at night
  • Decreased strength/mass of muscles
  • Decreased body hair
  • Swelling/tenderness in the breast tissue
  • Hot flashes
  • Effects on cholesterol metabolism

If you think you have the symptoms of low testosterone, you should call a doctor and get medical advice and have them test you blood to accurately diagnose and rule out any other potential health issues. We’d be glad to help out at NovaGenix. Call us at 561-277-8260 to schedule an appointment.

Top Anti Aging Doctor in West Palm Beach and Surrounding Areas

The Top Anti Aging doctors in the West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens area can be found working in our clinic. We have exceptional ratings due to our professionalism, experience and knowledge. Testing Low Testosterone Levels with the best doctor in the area. With close to 2 decades of experience we can help provide the experience you need when treating low Testosterone. We are a locally owned and operated clinic, led by a board certified medical doctor who specializes in HRT for men and has helped thousands of men with low T optiimize their health with TRT.

How do you know if your testosterone levels are low?

Symptoms of low testosterone such as decreased energy levels and a diminished sex drive may often be caused by underlying medical conditions. So how do you know if your testosterone levels are low? How can you get tested for low testosterone? You’ve probably done your research and have heard about all the symptoms of low testosterone on Radio or TV advertisements. Ads in magazines for symptoms such as erectile dysfunction and a diminished interest in sex and other conditions like not having enough energy or perhaps gaining a little extra weight are ubiquitous. Men with symptoms like having a decrease in muscle mass with increases in body fat, depression or generally just not feeling like their old selves make it common for individuals to look for help. The first stop is usually doctor google.

Where the internet can be extremely useful in providing information, the best choice is to speak to an expert in person. Many of the men’s health clinics that you find aren’t staffed by medical doctors, rather nurses or physician assistants. When you call, ask whether or not the provider is a board-certified physician and what there specialty is. More often than not, you’ll find many of the physicians went to medical school and specialized in an area of medicine unrelated to hormone therapy and preventative medicine. Not all doctors are the same. Think of it in terms of automobiles. Would you want a company that specializes in radio and speaker installation working on your engine and replacing your head gaskets? Or would you rather have a specialist fix your car? Expertise and experience are very important factors to consider in medicine.


Hormone Replacement Therapy Palm Beach Gardens

For patients who are experiencing low T, Hormone Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens can offer relief. So if you do you have some of these symptoms, what will the doctor do to check for low T? Typically for patients looking to start TRT in Palm Beach Gardens in Jupiter, a blood test is ordered and a physical exam and in person consultation is required. Testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day so most physicians like to get the blood drawn in the morning when the levels are the highest (usually between 6-8am is when a males levels peak) but the difference between a daily high and low level in a person can change by as much as 25%! Changes in social settings and your sleep patterns will potentially influence this however it’s safe to say that most men follow this general rule in nature. Normal testosterone levels are between 300 ng/dL on the low-end and 1100 on the high-end. If your levels are low according to the bloodwork your physician will be able to discuss options with you so that you can start

Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Jupiter with our experienced team at NovaGenix. Usually free, total and bioavailable testosterone levels are measured as well as estradiol, PSA and a complete blood count. Depending on what the doctor interprets, there may be some follow up tests to determine a cause and appropriate treatment may be required.

For a patient and the clinic, it’s important to follow up and monitor the patient’s results because not everyone responds the same way to treatment. Most patients will begin to notice results in a just a few weeks and really see tangible changes in a month. Most men however will tell you the benefits are life-changing. Patients typically noticed increased energy and interest in sex right away. They have an increased desire and improvement in performance sexually and better overall mood. They lose fat and build muscle and have an overall increased level of confidence and improved quality-of-life. One patient summed up his experience which seemed to echo what many men seem to feel. “I wish I started this sooner…I didn’t even notice how bad I felt until I began TRT…”

NovaGenix certified physicians specialize in internal medicine and are certified in testosterone replacement with close to 2 decades of experience in hormone replacement therapy. To schedule a consultation to test, diagnose and treat low T at one of the best testosterone replacement therapy clinics around, please call us at 561-277-8260 and visit us on the web at www.NovaGenix.org

Testosterone Replacement Therapy In Palm Beach Gardens

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens

Testosterone is an essential male hormone that does much more for men than just promote a “healthy sex drive”. Testosterone also affects several other systems in our bodies, including body fat, lean muscle, bones, red blood cell count, energy and motivation, healthy sleep patterns and focus and mood.

For most men, their normal testosterone levels are typically between 300 and 1,000 ng/dL. There has been considerable research done that shows levels have been on a steady decline over the past several generations, quite possibly due to environmental factors like food additives, plastics and chemicals in lotions and sunscreens to name a few. There are so many possible reasons as to why a person’s testosterone levels may be sub optimal and low, that its almost impossible to narrow it down to a single cause. Testosterone Replacement Therapy In Palm Beach Gardens at NovaGenix may be the best option to help men reagin the vitality and energy they once had.

When starting TRT, the physician will have to take an initial blood test. Depending on the symptoms and results from the blood test, a physician may suggest testosterone injections or a testosterone gel/cream. This is known as testosterone replacement therapy or TRT. This therapy has proven to help men with low t, or andropause, change their lives for the better. Hormone Replacement Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens at NovaGenix can turn your life around.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Center Near West Palm Beach

Testosterone injections can be given by your physician or you can be taught how to administer injections on your own, which most patients prefer due to the convenience of not having to go into the clinic to receive the injection. The injection site is most often in the gluteal muscles in the buttocks, but ban be taken in the thigh or deltoid (shoulder). Some patients choose to receive the first several injections in the clinic with the doctor until they feel comfortable enough to do them on their own at home. TRT in Palm Beach Gardens in Jupiter at NovaGenix will help you decide whats the best choice for you.

Low T symptoms

Men will naturally begin to lose some of their testosterone when they reach their late 20’s and 30s. It’s a slow but steady decline that many men will not notice until they “hit a wall” most often by age 40. We often hear stories about how men just don’t have the same energy…they lack motivation to do things like work out. Their libido’s decline significantly and they have lack luster erections and a decrease in their sexual performance. This often can cause problems in their relationships and will usually lead to anger, moodiness and stress. Poor sleep quality and weight game also start to become noticeable and guys who used to be happy and fun to be around are often depressed and not the same person they used to be. Normal decline in T levels are on average around 1%-2% each year. That drop in hormone levels will start to take a toll pretty quickly. Throw in a couple of environmental factors like previously discussed and this could speed up the decline even faster. At NovaGenix, we have one of the top anti-aging doctors in west palm beach/palm beach county and our patients results speak for themselves.

Click Here To Take The ADAM Questionnaire To See if You May Have The Symptoms of Low T

Hormone Replacement Therapy Palm Beach Gardens for Low T

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Some of the more common symptoms of low Testosterone include:

  • Depression, and anxiety
  • Moodiness a short temper
  • Unwanted weight Gain, especially around the midsection
  • Low Energy and Fatigue
  • Lack of motivation
  • Poor sleep quality and restlessness at night
  • Loss of focus
  • Lowering Sex drive and performance
  • Difficulty achieving and maintaining erections
  • Decrease in muscle tone and mass

How Do You Diagnose Low T?

With all of the commercials out there, some men have a pretty good idea what’s going on and even may want to diagnose themselves with hypogonadism, or low T. The problem with that and ANY self-diagnosis is that several of the symptoms of low T are relatively normal symptoms of aging, so using them exclusively for the purpose of diagnosis is not a reliable method and is best left for the expertise of an actual MD. A doctors-ordered blood test is the only way to find out for certain if your testosterone levels are too low. These tests give the doctor a look into your overall health and hormone balance as well.

When you see our doctor, he’ll sit down with you and conduct a physical exam and discuss your past and current medical history as well as goals and any questions you have in regard to TRT. If your medical history, physical exam and blood tests show that you have low T levels, you may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy.


What blood tests do you need to start Low T therapy

Starting Low therapy in Jupiter at NovaGenix helps men regain their vitality and improve their health. TRT is helping hundreds of men look, feel and live better.

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