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Hormone Therapy For Women

Hormonal imbalance symptoms often first appear in peri-menopause or menopause, when estrogen, progesterone and testosterone production begins to diminish. Hormone levels begin dropping in your early 30’s. When Hormones are not balanced we feel it! Fatigue, decreased energy, decreased libido, weight gain… just plain worn out There are many causes for hormone imbalance, but the majority is due to increased estrogen in the body and not enough of progesterone. This is called “Estrogen Dominance” Common causes of Estrogen Dominance include birth control pills, stress, genetics, obesity, tumors and a sedentary lifestyle

Estrogen Replacement Prevents against heart disease and stroke, Decreases cholesterol, Lowers incidence of Alzheimer’s/ dementia Improves memory / concentration, Improves mood swings/ irritability Decreases bloating / water retention, Reduces / stops hot flashes, Prevents osteoporosis and Reduces chance of diabetes.

Progesterone Replacement Protects against uterine & breast cancer Protects against fibrocystic disease Helps fat metabolism Helps normalized blood sugar Helps reverse osteoporosis Helps thyroid function Acts as a natural anti depressant Acts as natural pain killer Reduces anxiety

Benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

The benefits of BHRT greatly outweigh the risks for the vast  majority of women  under the age of 60. BHRT for women is one of the most effective treatments  when it comes to reducing vasomotor symptoms. Vasomotor symptoms are more often than not, improved within about four weeks of when you begin treatment and the maximum benefit gained is seen by three months of therapy.

 According to the NAMS...

"There are three benchmark stages of natural menopause:

Perimenopause (or the menopause transition) is the span of time between the start of symptoms (such as erratic periods) and 1 year after the final menstrual period.
Menopause is confirmed 1 year (12 months) after the final menstrual period.
Postmenopause is all the years beyond menopause."

There have been hundreds of clinical studies which have provided medical science with evidence that systemic HT (estrogen with or without progestogen) quite effectively helps conditions associated with menopause, like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, and bone density loss. Such benefits benefits usually leads to improved sleep at night giving patients more energy, better sexual relations which improves their life, and an overall greater enjoyment and quality of life.

The primary indications for HT are hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and prevention of osteoporosis. Call 561-277-8260 to learn more and schedule an appointment to speak to our physician.