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Auriculotherapy is defined as a Healthcare modality in which the external surface of the ear, or auricle, is stimulated to alleviate pathological conditions in other parts of the body. While Ear Acupuncture is originally based upon the ancient Chinese practice of Acupuncture, the correspondence of specific parts of the body to specific points on the ear, was first developed in modern France.

Auriculotherapy is a safe, painless, noninvasive and non-Toxic procedure, performed through Transcutaneous Electro Stimulation of specific reflex points on the ear. Auriculotherapy works by stimulating the central nervous system through the cranial nerves and spinal nerves on the auricle. This stimulation results in neurotransmitters being stimulated within the Brain and Spinal Cord of the Central Nervous System. This stimulation of neurotransmitters modulates the pain and modulates nerve function, thereby stimulating the healing process within the body to that organ or body part that is affected.

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What is Auriculotheapy?

Auriculotherapy has been used as a form of Healthcare for thousands of years all over the world. Ancient records from China, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Persia all indicate treatments applied to the ear for a variety of problems.

Modern Auriculotherapy got its start in the early 1950’s when a French neurologist named Dr. Nogier, discovered that cauterizations on the ear were performed by local healers in the Mediterranean basin around 380 BC. He based his theory on those practices and spent his career researching and developing the map of reflex points on the ear, based on the concept of inverted body (fetus) arrangement of the ear. The head areas are represented toward the bottom of the ear, the feet towards the top and the body in between. He eventually discovered over 200 Auricular points and their corresponding effects.

To schedule an appointment call Erica at 561-379-7778. You may also email her atericamartina@aol.com

About Erica Martina

Erica Martina is a Licensed Acupuncturist in Florida and has lived in Jupiter for the last 20 years. Erica Martina Graduated with a teaching degree in Biology from the College of Education in the Netherlands. She has been involved with natural medicine since 1985, when she became part of the first Natural Medicine Clinic (INOMA) in the Netherland Antilles. She was trained in … She has experience in nutritional management, tobacco cessation, spiritual and emotional well-being and addiction detoxification. To schedule an appointment or for more information, Erica can be reached at 561-379-7778.

Today, Auriculotherapy research continues with major advancements in the study and placement of ear reflex points, as well as scientific documentation of Erica’s technique’s and effectiveness.

Auriculotherapy is recognized by the World Health Organization and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

And now accepted worldwide as a valuable and effective procedure for many conditions, Erica brings her vast knowledge and experience to Jupiter, Florida in the Heart of Palm Beach County.

How can Auriculotherapy be of benefit to you?

What Conditions Can Auriculotherapy Help Treat?

  • Smoking cessation – Auriculotherapy is thought to be 7 times more powerful than other methods used for smoking cessation
  • Allergies – Relief of sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, and cold and flu symptoms.
  • Weight loss – Clinical studies showed an average of 1-2 pounds lost per week just by applying acupressure on the Hunger Point of the outer ear.
  • Pain relief – including back pain, neck pain, migraines, sciatica pain, and radiating pain to the legs or arms.
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure) and hypotension (low blood pressure).
  • Stress relief and stress related disorders – confers a calming effect.
  • Insomnia – A study involving 46 cases of insomnia — 19 male and 27 female — was conducted in the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing. The test subjects were treated with the auriculotherapy procedure. Of the 46 cases treated, 32 cases were cured(69.5%) –i.e.,able to sleep more than 7 hours; 13 cases (28.3%) were improved–1.e.,able to sleep 5-6 hours; and only 1 case (2.2%) failed–i.e., able to sleep less than 3 hours. The overall success rate was 97.8 %.
  • Depression – nervousness, anxiety and other mental disorders.
  • Hemorrhoids, digestion problems and constipation.
  • Headaches – relief of tension headaches and migraine headaches.
  • The Correction of a wide variety of other health conditions.

How Old Is Auriculotherapy?

How Old Is Auriculotherapy? As far as we know Auriculotherapy dates back to at least 500 BC. In the written text of the yellow emperor’s classic of internal medicine, many details of complex acupuncture procedures have been recorded. Within the manuscripts contain specific mentionings of acupuncture being used on points within the external ear for treatment various medical conditions and disorders. Since then more comprehensive diagrams and procedures have been created to treat the greater number of internal systems through auriculotherapy. In the 1950s discoveries in France lead to advancements in the technique that are even being adopted and used to this day in China.

We have written records and evidence of your acupuncture being used by the ancient Egyptians Greeks and Romans as well. This practice of alternative medicine is now being widely used around the globe in Europe as well as Asia and north and South America. In modern history we have many advancements due to the work of Dr. Paul Nogier. He was able to successfully document treatments performed on his patients to help treat sciatica. By finding a sciatica point on the ear he was able to reduce their pain substantially. Later created a more complex and comprehensive model, where he discovered that within the inner ear laid out a neurological series of acupuncture points that mimicked and could be compared to an inverted fetus, with the lower ear lobe representing the head and neck and at the top of the external ear lobe what is the feet. Connecting the top and bottom of the ear lobes the rest of the body systematically felon to order. After these discoveries the rest of the world took note and now employ this very model within their acupuncture practice.  

How does one treat chronic pain with auriculotherapy?

There are two major theories for how auriculotherapy seems to work. One is due to the release of endorphins which are chemicals released by the brain that make you feel good and help reduce stress and pain. The other concerns the network of neurotransmitters and how our nervous system sends pain signals to our brains. By using auriculotherapy to help reset these pathways of bio-electrical signals, we are able to gain control over the pain reflex arc. By normalizing the pathways and signaling of our peripheral nervous system and dermatomes we are able to help minimize and reduce pain, by stimulating your reflex points that connect the reflex system in the brain which then resets the entire message delivery system.

To schedule an appointment call Erica at 561-379-7778. You may also email her atericmartina@aol.com

How Auriculotherapy can help you with your weight-loss

Auriculotherapy in Florida at NovaGenix with Erica Martina is a common therapy to control appetite, but the underlying mechanisms of action are still being researched. It has been proven that:

Auriculotherapy reduces appetite by suppressing Ghrelin production.Ghrelin is a peptide hormone that signals the brain that the stomach is empty and therefor increases appetite

Auriculotherpy boosts serotonin levels
Seotonin makes you feel good, suppresses appetite and reduces cravings.  

Auriculotherapy also increases systemic release of endorphins. Endorphines give you energy and make you feel good

Auriculotherapy can balance out the endocrine system which often plays a role with weight-gain.

Auriculotherapy also can have an effect on the entire metabolic process.

Aurilotherapy is completely safe, painless and has no side effects.It is the perfect therapy to support your effort to lose weight in a healthy manner, assuming life style and dietary measures are applied.

Treatment consist of weekly treatments with electro stimulation and ear seeds or semi permanent needles may be used. If you’ve tried diets to lose weight and are looking at acupuncture for weight loss, Erica Matina can help you. Many people are skepticle, but she will quickly make you a believer as her auriculotherpy for weight loss techniques will get results. Losing weight at NovaGenix with ear acupuncture techniques that she has perfected to let you reach your weight loss goals.

Auriculotherapy in Florida with Erica can help you today. She is one of the few experts in this form of medicine in the Jupiter/Palm Beach area, so call her to discover more about Auricultherapy Near You at NovaGenix.

To schedule an appointment call Erica at 561-379-7778. You may also email her at ericmartina@aol.com

Auriculotherapy can help you to quit smoking

Smoking is a strong, complicated addiction. Quitting smoking is no small task and you will need lots of support to be successful. You need the best tools to help with the physical and emotional symptoms, and we offer several great resources to help you succeed. Smoking Cessation programs in Jupiter at NovaGenix use auriculotherapy performed by the skilled hands of licensed auriculotherapist, Erica Martina. If you live in the Palm Beach area and have asked yourself “How do I quit smoking?” She can help. Auriculotherapy in Florida at NovaGenix in Jupiter can help you curve the cravings of nicotine. Erica has helped countless patients quit smoking with her techniques.

Emotional Balance is a method to help the conscious and subconscious mind to become congruent with the decision to give up smoking.

Our subconscious will always steer us towards pleasure and away from pain. So even if you consciously want to quit smoking the subconscious mind is basically telling you that it is too difficult of a task to accomplish and will sabotage your efforts to succeed.

With Emotional Balance we can find out which emotions are involved in these sabotage mechanisms and reprogram the mind.

Auriculotherapy and Acupuncture will both help with the withdrawal symptoms of quitting Nicotine.

– Auriculotherapy uses a mild, electronic stimulation on points on the outside of both ears. This treatment is similar to ear acupuncture but it uses no needles.

When you first start smoking, your body tells you it’s a bad idea by causing nausea, coughing, and dizziness. As you continue to smoke, the nicotine causes the body to close down these receptors, creating an addiction. These points, when electronically stimulated, send a message to the brain that acts like a reset button for your nicotine receptors. The nicotine receptors open back up eliminating withdrawal symptoms caused by nicotine addiction. The lungs and liver are also addressed and will be simulated to start the healing process of these organs.

– Both Ear Acupuncture and body Acupuncture make use of needles to help restore balance ,detoxify the body and increase relaxation

Clinical Homeopathy is used as part of the treatment to help with the emotional stress and detoxification of the organs involved.

Hypnosis is also added when and if needed /requested. In order to successfully stop smoking you must break the habits associated with your nicotine addiction. I teach a simple and effective method to overpower the triggers that tell you it’s time to smoke.

How does auriculotherapy help treat drug substance abuse?

To explain how auriculotherapy helps people recover from substance abuse problems like alcoholism drug abuse and smoking takes a combination of both Eastern and Western medicine into account. The first observations came from Hong Kong from H. L. Wen in the 1970s. Dr wen, a neurosurgeon from Hong Kong discovered by accident the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating drug addiction. He reported that acupuncture at four body points into in your ear points combined with electrical stimulation was able to help relieve opiate withdrawal signs and drug addicts. This was later expanded upon by Dr. M. Smith physician in New York who also practiced Oriental medicine. In the 1980s Smith who is the head of the national acupuncture detoxification association, was able to create and finalize an auriculotherapy protocol using so leave it to your points without electrical stimulation to help treat drug abuse.

The lung point on the ear being used to relieve addiction is thought to affect energy associated with the lung meridian that affects not just respiratory disorders but also detoxification problems. It’s thought that the Concha Area of the ear that is used for addiction treatment helps control parts of the autonomic nervous system through our Vargas nerve as well as the hypothalamus in the brain. By helping read channel do you neurological pathways it has shown promise with helping to treat addiction. There is much clinical evidence to suggest the treatment of drug addiction with auriculotherapy is beneficial for patients open to successfully recover from their dependency.

Chemical dependency program called the underground railroad used in acupuncture -based program that combined traditional treatment methodology with acupuncture. In their traditional drug treatment program they had a 20 to 30% completion rate however after adding acupuncture to that same treatment they had more than doubled the completion rate with rates of between 60 and 65% completing the program. They claimed that acupuncture helped restore rational thought and an overall sense of well-being that made it possible for their patients to come to terms and except the benefits of attending support groups in psychotherapy which helped them through recovery.

To schedule an appointment call Erica at 561-379-7778. You may also email her atericmartina@aol.com


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