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PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma, popularly known as PRP is prepared from the patient’s own blood. By separating the blood into its induvial components, we are left with a high concentration of platelets in a small volume of plasma. Within this plasma are all of the body’s natural healing agents. Platelet rich plasma contains bioactive proteins and growth factors that work actively to regulate cell growth as well as activity.

When using PRP Treatment to improve the hair growth, it is conducted by injecting it into the affected area of the scalp to stimulate the strengthening and regeneration of hair follicles.

Benefits of PRP

 Medical studies have shown proven results in different scientific studies conducted all over the world
 Safe due to the fact that this is method eliminates the risk of transmissible infections because you are using 100% your OWN plasma.
 ZERO % risk of allergic reactions, being autologous.
 This is an IN-office-based treatment.
 The price of this treatment is very affordable as compared to other treatment options, which cost thousands of dollars and typically show little to no results.

How does PRP work ?

Platelets contain the growth factors essential for our own body’s tissue healing and repair. When tissue in our body gets injured, these platelets are what are responsible for clotting blood to stop bleeding and stimulating the cells to start healing and regenerating and repairing new tissue. This is their normal function. It’s been learned through research that these growth factors also cause multiplication of cells including hair and skin cells. This is why they are now being used to treat hair loss.

It Prevents Further Hair Loss

It helps rejuvenate the thinning of hair so that the follicles are stimulated making the hair grow thicker and fuller. It strengthens the roots of the hair.
it can also prepare the skin and hair for an upcoming hair transplant, PRP has long been known for the beneficial qualities it provides preparing the region for a hair transplant.

Where can PRP be used?

There are several surgical and medical indications of PRP injection like for use in dental, orthopedics, trauma and in wound healing as well as hair loss.

However, in Dermatology it has been used rather extensively, and successfully for –

Skin rejuvenation called Acne scars,
Male/female pattern hair loss.
After hair transplantation to enhance grafted hair growth and donor healing

For Pain and Sports Injuries

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) is a relatively new, ground breaking non-operative treatment option that helps relieve pain by naturally promoting the long lasting healing of musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions in the body.  PRP has recently gained some notoriety with the rising use of the treatment among professional athletes like Tiger Woods, Steven Strausburg, UFC fighter Daniel Cormier and others. Due to its affordability, recreational athletes, and highly functional individuals also turn to the benefits of PRP. Many have attributed PRP injections, particularly for sports type injuries, with enabling them to return back to regular activities and competition with little to no pain at all. This exciting, safe and amazing technique shows very promising potential for multiple conditions like arthritis, tendonitis, and ligament sprains and tears and even neck and back pain. 

PRP therapy provides patients with long lasting, permanent solutions by accelerating the body's natural healing process. PRP isn’t something that wears off over time as with a traditional pain injection, but provides real long term relief. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more and get real patient referrals for the experts at NovaGenix.   Also...  Check out  https://floridaplateletrichplasma.com/