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Peptides, Injectable Vitamins and Amino Acids

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Exactly what are peptides?

Peptides are strings of 2 or more amino acids linked in a chain that makes up the essential components of Eukaryotic cells. Some peptides play major roles in the stimulation of the pituitary gland to naturally release more Growth Hormones into the body, or HGH. There are other peptides that contain the end molecules of HGH which have been shown to slow impede the burning of glucose and burn fat instead. The end result is that you will burn more fa for energy instead of storing it being stored as unwanted body fat.

Which Peptides Are Out There?

Some of the most popular out there today include:


Sermorelin, or (GHRH) is a bio-identical hormone which has recently been engineered genetically in order to stimulate secretion of (GHRH) or Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone from the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is a gland located next to the pituitary and among other things, coordinates both the autonomic nervous system and the activity of the pituitary.

GHRH is a peptide which contains the first 29 amino acids of our bodies own GH. These are the active 29 amino acids in GHRH. It’s GHRH which stimulates our pituitary glands to secrete GH. As we age, there is a natural depletion of hormones being produced by our anterior pituitary. Research has shown that GHRH can restore our GH-RNA to a level we one had when we were younger which causes an elevation of IGF-1 levels

patients typically will report improved sleep quality within the first few weeks of having started therapy. There is also a noticed increase in energy levels and improvement in mood.  Usually after 3-6 months of Semorellin therapy, patients begin noticing and reporting a noticeable change in their body, like increases in their muscle tone and a leaner more athletic physique. Often within 3-6 months, patients will also see and report significant improvements in their skin tone and health..

 Sermorelin therapy can lead to the conservation of your youthful body, looks and hormone levels, without the possible harmful side effects that are associated with using HGH. Current laws prohibit the off-label use of HGH so Semorellin is the obvious choice due to its costs, benefits, low risks and convenience.


Increased lean muscle growth and development

Improved workouts and recovery

Reduced body fat

Increased energy levels, strength, and stamina

Increase in muscle mass, tone, and muscular endurance

Heal faster from wounds or after surgery

Strengthening of the body’s immune system

Improvement in hormone regulation and production

Increased production of IGF-1

Increase healthy levels of growth hormone release

Increased mineralization of bone density and improved health


Ipamorelin is a growth-hormone-releasing formula. It is used to stimulate the pituitary gland and help regulate and control an array of body functions via the endocrine system. This peptide is actually renowned for its lack of side effects.

The effects of Ipamorelin are simple… it increases natural GH production in the body. It’s the increase in GH production which produces the benefits and effects that make Ipamorelin so popular and sought after. Increasing ones levels of GH improves your metabolism and provides the individual with the ability to either burn fat or easily maintain levels when trying to improve muscle mass. With Ipamorelin, increases in GH levels will help with recovery possibly more than any other supplement. Whether increased muscle mass or trying to lose weight, Ipamorelin helps build new lean muscle and maintain our existing physique while burning fat.

Ipamorelin benefits

Improve sleep quality.

Improved mood

Anti-aging benefits.

GH Build lean muscle

Stronger skeletal structure,

Improve Skin and hair Health.

 GH has often been called the fountain of youth hormone because as we reach our 30’s our natural GH production rapidly declines and continues to decline, and as a result we begin to age. If GH levels remain elevated, while we can’t prevent aging we can slow the effects down.

Important note: Ipamorelin will not give as big of a boost in GH levels as HGH. However, HGH is extremely expensive, often hard to get and often counterfeited. Ipamorelin, while not as effective as HGH is still better than no increase in GH levels and is one of the best GHRP options available today.


Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1)


IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor 1 is a growth factor that is closely related to insulin.  It carries the same amount of amino acids as insulin does and is responsible for the anabolic reactions to GH.  IGF-1 is highly anabolic in adults.  IGF-1 is released in the liver and will bind to IGF receptors within cells, which then stimulates cellular growth. (New tissue formation as well as existing tissue growth). It also inhibits the death of cells helping maintain mass and functionality.  It’s highly anabolic and is an anti-catabolic compound. For those on therapy such as athletes or individuals looking to stay healthy, this has several beneficial effects, such as an increase in nitrogen retention as well as protein synthesis  due to it being highly anabolic.  IGF-1 (when taken with supplemental protein) actually promotes the growth of new muscle cells, as well as burns fat and curves hunger.

IGF also helps to protect the neurons in the brain and promotes the growth of brand new motor neurons, which makes it possible to learn new skills faster while on theapy IGF-1 is also responsible for the synthesis of connective tissue, improves collagen formation which rejuvenates the skin and helps to repair cartilage. It also helps with bone production and repair.

IGF-1 Has Anti-aging properties

IGF-1 Increased levels of Antioxidants

IGF-1 Decreased Inflammation and Autoimmunity

IGF-1 Beneficial for the Brain

IGF-1 Helps Build Muscle and lowers Muscle Wasting

IGF-1 Regulates Blood Sugar

IGF-1 May help reduce Heart Disease

IGF-1 Promotion of Growth/Height

IGF-1 Help improve Bone Density

IGF-1 Reduce abdominal fat and get rid of that belly

IGF-1 Boost your Immune System

IGF-1 Electrolyte Balance support

IGF-1 is Improve Skin quality

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